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Community Roll Call

Members of the Wauwatosa Police Department's Community Support Division, with backup provided by the folks at, are now blogging. We will be providing you with an ongoing series of crime prevention tips, any current crime trends as well as pertinent news and notes as it relates to your Police Department.

Counterfeit U.S. Currency Reported in Wauwatosa

Business Watch, Counterfeit Money, Crime Prevention, Crime Alert, Scam

The passing of counterfeit U.S. Currency has been reported in Wauwatosa. Business owners and employees alike should be on the lookout for counterfeit paper bills that are being passed as genuine.

The passed counterfeit bills have been bleached genuine $5.00 bills which have been reprinted with a larger denomination (i.e. $20.00, $50.00, $100.00). Because these bills are printed on legitimate currency paper, counterfeit detection pens are ineffective. Businesses should not rely on the counterfeit pens alone. The current counterfeit bills use poor quality printing and lack several security features inherent to genuine paper currency:

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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Crime Prevention, Holiday Safety, Internet Safety, Shopping

The busiest retail day of the year, the Friday after Thanksgiving is just a few short days away; and as such its time for the annual shopping safety tips to be posted. Please take the time to review the tips listed below and should you think of some additional tips, add them in the comments section or give me an email.


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