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Birds of a Feather

Critters, House Finch, Life In Tosa

I checked the house finch nest in the hanging basket just a short while ago and the chicks are packed-in there cheek by jowl.  They have really bulked-up (as far as small birds go). 

And they're all sporting fuzzy mohawks and enough wing feathers that fledging is probably just around the corner.

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How To Make Carolina BBQ Sauce

Back Yard BBQ, Carolina BBQ Sauce, Canning Your Own Food, Dangerous Kitchen Experiments, Schuetzenfest

Last summer at Schuetzenfest I fired-up both big Weber kettles and slow-smoked a pile of baby back ribs.  They were cooked over indirect heat fueled by Grove Charcoal (available at Metcalfe's Sentry) and fist-sized chunks of mesquite.  The preparation began late morning and after four plus hours of low and slow cooking they were literally things of beauty.

And they were ready to serve.

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The pursuit of happiness

Fourth of July, happiness, attention, walking the dog

The dog and I headed out early to catch the coolest part of the day. Eighty degrees at 6 am, when I put on last night's clothes like a fireman hurrying to meet an alarm, it was 88 by the time we returned, a short mile and a half later.

I might have lasted longer, but Idgie was panting so we turned around.

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Friday Morning Music

Deer Tick, Friday Morning Music, Paul Westerberg, The Replacements, Waitress In The Sky

It's the start of the weekend people - or maybe a continuation of the holiday.

How about some toe-tapping alternative rock from the 1980s covered by Deer Tick!

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Understanding and the Blood Center

Places in the Community

This post was almost going to have a completely different tone to it - but then, I found out more information.

I am a regular at the Blood Center of Wisconsin, on Watertown Plank Road. I have felt very strongly that donating blood is something easy an extremely important to do. It takes just a little time, you can only possible do it once every couple months, and you are donating a commodity that money cannot buy and scientists cannot re-create. Besides - every time you stop in, it's like a mini check-up with the doctor (your blood pressure, platelet count, heart rate and blood are all tested). 

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Birds of a Feather

Critters, House Finch, Life In Tosa

Just a few days ago my house finch chicks were walking around their nest in the hanging basket stretching their wings.

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Court reprimands Wauwatosa lawyer

His first run-in with the lawyer ethics police, for writing a worthless check for less than $1,000, got Reed Martin a private slap on the wrist back in 2003.

He's taking the lick  publicly this time, as the Supreme Court on Tuesday issued a reprimand for two violations related to Martin skipping a February 2008 hearing on his juvenile client's claim of ineffective assistance, and subsequent lies about being on vacation at the time.

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The Garden Chronicles - Breast Feeding the Tomato Plants

Backyard Homesteading, Gardening, Pruning Tomato Plants, Tomatoes

A half-dozen posts ago one of my readers suggested that I get back to breast feeding my tomato plants. The reader also inferred that I was manifesting symptoms of dementia.

I was working on my tomatoes just the other day and recalling that comment actually made me smile. The mere fact that my short-term memory was working was evidence enough that I remain in command of all of my marbles.

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National Scam

Scam, Suspicious

As originally posted under Business Blogs from the blog of Thomas Content of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on 07/10/12.!page=2&pageSize=10&sort=newestfirst

A national scam touting a new federal program from President Barack Obama has reached Wisconsin and taken advantage of some electric utility customers.

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Go find yourself a billionaire

Eschweiler buildings, TIF funds, charitable giving, billionaires, Anna Nicole Smith

A  friend's mother used to tell us "it's as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man." After all, it's what she did. And it worked until it didn't. She ended up divorced and penniless, at age 70 learning the skills of an adminstrative assistant to support herself, not in the style to which she'd become accustomed but with great pride.

I mention this because in looking for a last minute fix for saving the Eschweiler buildings, that's the offered final solution. Go find yourselves a billionaire, and make him fall in love with your idea..

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Friday Morning Music

Come On Up to The House, Foy Vance, Friday Morning Music, Tom Waits

It's Friday the 13th. 

Chase-away any bad vibes with this Tom Waits cover performed by Foy Vance - accompanied by Duke Special and band...

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Cool Dog

Beating the Heat, Canine Friends, Girlfriend, Sister, Pupsicles

Hot enough for you yet?

Over the years I've done any number of things to keep cool.

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How To Make Pickled Beets

Canning Your Own Food, Dangerous Kitchen Experiments, Growing Your Own Vegetables

On July fourth I pulled-up my pea plants.  They were on the down-side of producing and the heat finished them-off.  I'll plant a second crop closer to fall when things cool down. I also picked the first of the beets.  And we've been picking them ever since.

When my dad was alive he and I raised beets in the garden and he could be counted-upon to help with their care and nurturing and finally the pickling.  Dad adored pickled beets.  Come to think of it all of the old timers in the family like pickled beets.  Me too.

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Those Who Teach Often Learn the Most

Music, Instruments

The title of this post is not my own original bit of wisdom - it actually came from a fortune cookie I had earlier this week over at P.F. Chang's.

While I do find it odd that many fortune cookies offer ambiguous life statements rather than actual fortunes, this particular one struck a chord with me (so to speak).

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Friday Morning Music

Big Hair, Hot Swedish Women, First Aid Kit, Friday Morning Music, Perfectly Good Guitar, The Lion's Roar

It's the start of the weekend people.

Kick it off with First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar... 

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New Additions at Wauwatosa Catholic School!

International Baccalaureate; Wauwatosa Catholic Schools, Elementary School; Catholic Schools; Middle School; Primary Years Programme

During the 2012-2013 school year, Wauwatosa Catholic School is pleased to announce that we have hired four new faculty members to staff the three K4 classrooms and the two K5 classrooms.  Our K4 program has two all-day classes and one am/pm class.  The K5 classrooms are both full day. 

The newest additions to the Wauwatosa Catholic School K3-8 faculty are:  Jessica Reddy (K5), Megan Cerbins, Rachel Robinson, and Melissa Zlinsky.

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Cuteness Personified

Barn Swallows, Cuteness, Critters

Jill shot this video clip from the kitchen.

Four fledgling barn swallows were perched on the open window.

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Loving those old buildings (and bring your thoughts July 25)

Eschweiler Buildings, Eschweiler Forum, Barb Agnew, Historical Preservation

Heading home from work in heavy traffic, you inch and stop, inch and stop, along Hwy 45, inhaling exhaust from the idling cars around you. Each one holds a single person, as urgent and annoyed as you are.

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Tosa's Night Out 2012

Tosa's Night Out, Public Education, Home Safety, Crime Prevention, Child Safety, Accident Prevention

The Wauwatosa Police Department and Wauwatosa’s Neighborhood Watch Committee (WNWC) are proud to announce that our 18th annual “Tosa’s Night Out” has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at Hart Park.

We are also happy to announce that Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin will be our 2012 event major sponsor. 2012 will mark their 3rd year as our major sponsor and their 15th year as an event sponsor!

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Friday Morning Music

After Midnight, Friday Morning Music, JJ Cale, Perfectly Good Guitar

It's the start of the weekend Tosans.  How about some JJ Cale and After Midnight.

Ooooooo baby....

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