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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

The summer of 1976 my kid brother and I took that VW bus of mine on a road trip around Lake Superior deep into Ontario.  Not much planning - truthfully only about five hours notice.

Lots of good memories about that adventure. 

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The Smoking Ban – How Illinois Did it Better

Tosa Business

Breathe deep. Ahhhh….yep, it starts today folks, the Indoor Smoking Ban in Wisconsin. Those of us who don’t smoke are pretty darn excited. I’m especially looking forward to visiting a couple of Tosa places that sometimes are WAY too smoky for me: Club Tap and Col. Hart’s.

If you’ve seen a rash of patio renovations lately, you know that businesses owners were preparing for this day. I applaud them and hope that all of us who have avoided certain restaurants and businesses will now patronize those places.

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Images from Independence Day

St. Bernard Parish School was once again a sponsor and participant in Wauwatosa's Annual Independence Day Parade as Bernard's Bike Brigade II!  Thanks to Don Jacobs Toyota for supplying the fantastic truck!

5727 South 27th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53221
(414) 281-3100

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The Garden Chronicles


The garden is growing like mad.  Very jungle-like. We've been blessed with more than twice the normal amount of rainfall for the month of June.  There has been no need to water so the initial plans for a drip irrigation system have been shelved.

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Guess The Critter


My pal Lawyer snapped this picture in Italy.

He is curious as to what he might have captured on the camera.

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

There's a terrific weekend on tap people.

So crank-up the volume on your office work station, slip your dancing shoes on your happy feet and get The Cure for whatever ails you...

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Guns On The Mind

Firearms, Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat

I’ve had guns on my mind lately.

I recently purchased another handgun.  I’ve been making plans for the Second Annual Schuetzenfest.  I recently mentored a couple of young lads in safe firearm handling and marksmanship.  And Chicago passed a new handgun ordinance that went into effect this week.

The ordinance was passed in response to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that made the city's handgun ban unenforceable.

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Patriotic Planting

Patriotic Planting


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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

A slightly different twist to start your weekend.

These two guys will grow on you.  Scott and Seth.

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To the Tosa Farmers Market - Jiggety Jig!

Community, Tosa Business, Tosa Landmarks, Tosans, Neighborhood

Finally, the stars and our schedule aligned and were able to make our first visit to the brand spankin’ new Tosa Farmers’ Market. Located in the Hart's Mills parking lot (along the Oak Leaf Trail across the river from Chancery and Cafe Hollander in the Village of Wauwatosa), the Market is open Saturday mornings June through October.

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The Dog Days of Afternoon

Girlfriend, Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat, Terrific Cooking, Economics

How about these sultry summer weekends?

I'm not sure this qualifies as the dog days of summer yet - but it sure has been hot lately.

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UWM Tosa development plan delayed as city considers financing

Wauwatosa UWM

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's plans to create a science campus, tech-based business park and other developments at the Milwaukee County Grounds, has run into another delay--this one over a request for financial help from the City of Wauwatosa.

UWM officials are seeking $11.5 million in city funding to pay for streets and other public improvements at the development, known as Innovation Park. Those funds would be repaid by property taxes generated by privately owned buildings at the development, which is planned for east of Highway 45 and north of W. Watertown Plank Road.

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The Blog and Blogging

Gas Pains, County Executive Walker, Mayor Didier, Representative Vukmir, Senator Sullivan

Some of you may have noticed that Gas Pains has gotten a face-lift.  Literally.

I have finally gotten around to changing that awful mug shot and replaced with something that better reflects my likeable nature.  Since that photo was snapped at a festival you have my festival look.  I will endeavor to change it periodically.  Maybe even seasonally.

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Damage To Radar Trailer

Crime Alert, Crime Stoppers

Sometime between the late evening hours of Tuesday July 13, 2010 and early morning hours of Wednesday July 14, 2010 person(s) unknown tipped over one of the Police Department’s radar trailers causing damage to it. The trailer was parked on the west side of the street in the 1700 Block N. 71st Street.

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Voice Your Opinions on North Avenue

North Avenue

If you've ever tried to shop, go to a restaurant or watch a movie on North Avenue, this blog is for you.

RDG Planning & Design, the firm hired to create a master plan for North Avenue's future, has great ideas for bringing businesses and customers back to North Avenue, but they're looking for your great ideas too. They've developed a detailed survey, including photos of other similar projects, to get input from as many community stakeholders as possible. 

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Friday Garden Chronicles and Garden Music

Critters, Gardening, Terrific Cooking

I know that many of you are great fans of the Wauwatosa Farmers Market. My pal Karen, who also blogs on this page, has extolled its praises

I'm beginning to get the feeling that one of these days I should consider becoming a vendor.  Because before too long I am going to be swimming in produce.  

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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Terrific Cooking

Metcalf's Sentry recently had wild-caught trout on sale.  So I stocked my freezer with a quantity of these fillets thinking of grilling and smoking opportunities that might present themselves.

Let me tell you - smoked trout is a delicacy that cannot be beat.

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If the creek don't rise

Underwood Creek, Wauwatosa

We live halfway up a hill, and when the heavy rains came most of the water ran down it to torment the neighbors below us. It's still running along the parkway, a bit of disputed territory between the county and the city.

The city had just poured tar and gravel on the streets, and the black cloth in the drains interferred some with proper flow. There were temporary fountains and little gravel beaches when the water subsided.

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The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Family, Girlfriend

I happen to think that there happens to be nothing more up-lifting than a puppy picture to brighten your day.

This is Girlfriend making her first retrieve. 

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Love animals? Then you need a reading

Animals, readings, spiritual, Native American

Hummingbirds have always held a special appeal for me. I nicknamed our house Hummingbird Hill when we first moved in to it back in 1997 after I saw the tiny creature fluttering around our windows on moving day.

When I picked the Hummingbird card from a deck of cards that was fanned out before me on a table recently, I didn’t understand the message at first.

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