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Community Roll Call

Members of the Wauwatosa Police Department's Community Support Division, with backup provided by the folks at, are now blogging. We will be providing you with an ongoing series of crime prevention tips, any current crime trends as well as pertinent news and notes as it relates to your Police Department.

Email Scam

Scam, Internet

Just today I received an email from a very good friend of mine who lives on the east coast; anytime I get an email from him I drop what I am doing and take a look. Well much to my surprise it was an email with the subject of “Emergency” telling me how he was in Madrid and after an unfortunate circumstance he needed $2,000 to help with meals, clothing and travel back home. I double checked the incoming email address and confirmed it was his exact address but knowing him as well as I do, I knew he wasn’t in Madrid. I immediately texted him to tell him to check his email because I thought it had been pirated by someone running a scam in his name. I was not the first to bring this to his attention and in fact his account had been hacked and his internet service provider was working on correcting the problem and restoring his account; although he did offer to accept the $2,000 if I wanted to give it!


The pirating of email accounts is a growing tactic used by scammers and because people you know are having their actual email accounts pirated you may well believe that the “Emergency” related to you via email is for real. So my advice is even if there is a chance the given situation could be real, I would suggest that you follow up with a phone call or any other communication method, other than email, to determine the legitimacy of the circumstances before you offer to render assistance. If it is not true, you will be alerting them to the fact that their email account is being used in an attempt to scam others, and if it is true, you will have verified it as a real problem before deciding if you are able to help or not.


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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Crime Prevention, Holiday Safety, Identity Theft, Internet Safety, Safety, Shopping

The busiest retail day of the year, the Friday after Thanksgiving is just two short weeks away; and as such its time for the annual shopping safety tips to be posted. Please take the time to review the tips listed below and should you think of some additional tips, add them in the comments section or give me an email.


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Wisconsin Bans Texting and Driving Effective 12-01-2010

Accident Prevention, Safety

Wisconsin State Statute 346.89(3)(a)

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