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Trust Matters

The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization that has worked for more than 70 years to create a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other. It accomplishes this through consumer and business education, setting ethical standards for businesses, complaint resolution and exposing unethical business practices.

Buy pink? Not so fast!

Better_Business_Bureau, BBB, Breast_Cancer_Awareness_Month, pink_products, charity

by Susan Bach, Director of Communications, Wisconsin BBB

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching a lot of football lately and have noticed all of the pink gloves, cleats and other accessories that NFL players have been wearing in October to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s hard NOT to notice when a 300-pound football player is wearing hot pink shoes! I applaud the NFL, and hope it makes a lot of money when it auctions off those items – since I know that all of the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

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Halloween on the Cheap

Halloween, costumes, mummy, pirate, scarecrow, online_shopping, Better_Business_Bureau, BBB

By Sheila Julson
Wisconsin Better Business Bureau

Whether it’s a last-minute invite to a Halloween party, or just procrastination, coming up with a quick and reasonably-priced Halloween costume can leave one in horror. Come late October, a trip to the store will often lead to all the good costumes being picked over, leaving one with a choice of parading around as last year’s Hollywood blockbuster character, or cobbling together mismatched costume pieces discarded on the shelves.  Even the fun props and fake blood have been snapped up.

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