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Community Roll Call

Members of the Wauwatosa Police Department's Community Support Division, with backup provided by the folks at, are now blogging. We will be providing you with an ongoing series of crime prevention tips, any current crime trends as well as pertinent news and notes as it relates to your Police Department.

Tosa's Night Out 2009 A Success

On behalf of the Wauwatosa Police Department and the Neighborhood Watch Steering Committee I want to thank all of the sponsors, participating groups and volunteers who helped to make TNO 2009 an overwhelming success! If you attended you saw the masses of people enjoying friendship, safety displays, music and food. Once again our signature flashlight walk was a success and the entire event was capped off with an amazing fireworks display.

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Garage Burglaries

Lately there seemed to be an unusual amount of garage burglaries and as I looked at the reports what struck me is how the vast majority of them could have been prevented with a few simple maintenance issues.

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Theft From Vehicles An Issue Again

It has been brought to my attention by 3rd shift Officers that theft from vehicles is making a comeback in the City of Wauwatosa. In almost all of the cases the cars were left unlocked with some desriable items inside including satellite radio receivers, laptops and GPS units. Do you remember your school science when they taught us about the fire triangle and how if you took away part of the triangle a fire could not happen? Well we have a crime triangle as well; the three sides are DESIRE, ABILITY and OPPORTUNITY. The one thing we as citizens can and should be taking away from the crime triangle is opportunity.

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