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Gas Pains

Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Harbinger of Spring

Changing of the Seasons

No fools joke today.  There's still snow on the ground at the farm and the frost has penetrated deeper than usual.  Nevertheless, spring has arrived.  I went to the day job yesterday sans jacket.  And it was a glorious occasion.

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Friday Morning Music

Friday Morning Music, Deep Purple, Perfect Strangers, High Brow Music

Crank-up the volume on your office workstation and rock the start of the weekend.

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Edward Scissorhands

Chores, Sustainable Forestry, Wisconsin Champion Trees

Inspiration for this post was the result of a conversation in the past week with Facebook friend Chris McLaughlin.

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Antler Hunting

Antler Hunting, Deer Biology, Labrador Retrievers, Testosterone

Whitetail deer of the male persuasion shed their antlers every winter and begin growing a new set with the arrival of spring.  It's all about fluctuating testosterone levels.  You see, unlike human guys suffering from 'Low-T' and who might feel like their masculinity is beginning to dilute - when bucks suffer from Low-T their antlers fall-off. It's a wake-up calll for sure. They don't have access to testosterone supplements like Abbott Laboratories' Androgel.  You know - that goo you rub on your armpits to elevate your testosterone level and stave-off the effects of growing old.  If you were a male whitetail you would be at the mercy of all things - the length of daylight hours.  And Low-T is an annual event.

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Friday Morning Music

Friday Morning Music, Bad Finger, Baby Blue, D-Day, Breaking Bad

While completing my Netflix binge earlier in the week I watched the season finale of Breaking Bad.  Yes -I watched it again.  That's bad. 

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