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Gas Pains

Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

The Cat Doesn't have Ten Lives


Figaro, of Wauwatosa, WI.  Age 97, passed away peacefully on Friday, July 10, 2009.  Born to a  family of barn cats she was adopted by a young girl as a pet.  Figaro was a career house cat who specialized as a mouser of drafty, old Tosa bungalows.  She will be remembered for reminding her human companions when to go to bed and was fond of reading the morning newspaper over coffee.  She was preceded in death by her half-brother, Bubba, a noted Tosa chipmunk hunter.  She is survived by Tom, Jill and Girlfriend.  Interment was on the family farm.

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Nurturing the Cult of Victimhood

Silly People, Politics-Tosa, Public Policy

Tosa's Legislation, Licensing and Communications Committee has approved an advisory referendum on voter identification.

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An Update On Doings At the Palace

Silly People, Public Policy, Politics-Tosa, Mayor Didier

From the Wauwatosa GOP website is the following tidbit-

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If Only The Dead Could Talk

Roadside Curiosities

Some of you might consider this to be a strange revelation - but I happen to harbor several eccentricities.

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Walking the Dog

Critters, Girlfriend, Just For Fun, Outdoors

This is my Labrador retriever - Girlfriend.

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