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Underwood Notes

Allison grew up on the east side of Wauwatosa, and now is a freelance musician and music teacher who lives on the west side of Tosa with her husband Nick. She enjoys listening to live/local music, attending arts events, baking, cycling, running and wine.

...And Speaking of Vegetarian, Kudos to the Originals

Food, Places in the Community

The last post I wrote was about some of my all-time favorite local casual veggie options in our area. 

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Best Casual Vegetarian Dining in Town

Food, Places in the Community

Yep, I'm one of them... one of those annoying vegetarians who brings the fun level down by asking "is there meat in that," "apple chicken salad without the chicken, please" or "may I substitute fruit for the breakfast sausage?" You get used to asking questions like that all the time. You also get used to people's responses (eye rolling, etc.).  

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Thank You, Tosa Library, For Being Super Cool

I've been forced to the sidelines, so to speak, for much of this month. I'm at home recovering from a minor surgery, and will be for a little while longer. (No biggie!)

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A Valentine's Tradition in Tosa

Places in the Community

Just thought I'd share a quick personal anecdote: 

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Tosa-Based Resolutions for 2015


'Tis the season for making resolutions. My own personal one involves more running, since I've got another marathon planned for this year. Along those lines, though, I thought it might be nice to incorporate some Wauwatosa-based goals for 2015: 

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