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Learning the Curve

A military brat, Robyn found home sweet home here in Wauwatosa. Moving here in 1989, "just till the kids get settled," she found the Milwaukee area hard to leave and a great place to put down roots. Join her as she tries to handle and make sense of whatever curves life decides to throw.

Aging - gracefully or not

We recently celebrated my mom's 80th birthday.  She's not a fan of surprises so the best we came up with  was to gather friends and far-flung relatives that she wouldn't expect to see and have them turn up on her doorstep over a period of 2 days.  It worked.  She still doesn't like surprises, but since she loves seeing family and friends she couldn't not like it!

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What's in a name

I met my new neighbor last month.  And I do mean new - little Elsi had been born just a few days before.   Elsi - even with a new updated spelling is a name I haven't heard in a long time.  But I used to hear it a lot - I had two maiden great-aunts when I was young.  Both born in the 1890's they moved with the times but still had that air of something old and mysterious about them.  It could be because they still lived in the house their father built in 1884.  Or maybe it was their names, Elsie and Gracie.  In a world of Debbies, Connies and Cindys, my great-aunts' names sounded completely different!  By the way  - this was long before Grace became a popular name again.  Once upon a time my own daughter's name of Emily was only heard when talking about really old women.  Elsie and Gracie's mother was named Rose and she kept the flower theme going by naming her eldest  Elsie Hyacinth.  Grace got a really different middle name for 1892-Angela. 

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Dears Crossing Ahead

School's out.    Throw out the schedules.  Lose the backpacks.  Put all the unused reams of paper and pencils in a good storage place so you can forget them and buy all new ones in the fall.  But don't forget to mentally say a big thank you to all who helped throughout the school year.  Educators, principals, aides and volunteers - yes but I'm talking about someone who worked on the front lines.   Crossing guards.   

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A Little off the Top

Recently we had a new roof put on this old house.  The roofing company was nice enough to tell me that scraping 70 years of old roof off the top of the house would make quite a mess in the attic so I made an effort to move the mountain of boxes we had stored up there.  My plan was to move, downsize, weed out, donate and generally get rid of junk we didn't even know was up there.  Along the way I found some old memories to weed through too.

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Oscar Worthy

Every year my husband and I try to see most of the movies that are nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards and guess the winner.  This year, with 10 nominated - not so much!   I've read the reasons why they expanded the field  and the only one that seems to recur is that they don't want "good little movies" overlooked.  Okay, I'll go with that.  But doesn't having ten instead of five somewhat dilute the votes?  And having a money-making behemoth like "Avatar" on the list probably puts many "little movies" in the shade. 

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