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Garys Corner of Tosa

Since moving to the 4th district in 1998 my wife and I have witnessed many big changes in our neighborhood. More big changes loom over us and I will be writing about them here.

Has Grede Liberty Foundry confessed they stink? Or is the Odor cover up chemicals a punishment for complaining?

Has Grede Liberty Foundry at 6432 W. State Street confessed to being a stinker?  If not why are they spraying a chemical product into the air to hide its pollution odors?  Spray jets ring the rim of a emissions stack spraying it high into the air.  You and I know emission stacks as smoke stacks.  During the warmer weather the pollution that comes from this stack is invisible as fumes, gases, and maybe we can call them mists.  In the winter you can see the huge volumes of vapor coming from this stack under pressure.

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Grede Foundry Turns on the Jets to Combat Tosa's Embarressing " Bad Smell" near its Village Center

Wauwatosa Tosa Wayzata Grede Liberty Foundy Bad Smell Bad Odor Wauwatosa Wauwatosa Village Air Pollution EPA WDNR Gary Kandziora Tosa Village Business District

Grede Foundry comes to Wauwatosa's rescue again.  After being shut off for many months Grede Iron Foundry is once again combating Wauwatosa's embarassing " Bad Smell".  For a century Wauwatosa has suffered with the embarrassing bad odor near its Village which centers in the 6400 block of State Street.  The Iron Foundry owned by the Wayzata Coropration has again turned on the jets a top one of its pollution exhaust stacks and is spraying a chemical product high into our air in the attempt to " Mask  or  Cover Up " Tosa's bad smell.  Thank you Grede Liberty Foundry for stepping up to the "Smell". Unlike our officals your at least trying to cover up the problem of Wauwatosa's "Bad Smell".  It must be costing the Iron Foundry a great deal of money to spray the mixture of Chemicals and water 24 hours a day 6 and a half days a week.  I'm sure Grede Liberty Foundry wishes Government Officals would just take responsibilty for resolving Tosa's "Bad Smell" or BS for short.

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Grede foundry continues to spill so hold your breath Tosa

Yes hold your breath neighbors Grede Liberty foundry leaks and spills are blowing in the wind yes still.  What's new your asking?  Well I do have a new video on Youtube for you all to see at

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My blog isn't just for the birds.

I know I'm hard on Grede Liberty foundry pollution, so I'll begin with something new.  Have you noticed we have more blue jays this year.  So many died from the West Nile disease you know just like the crows did.  The cashiers at Pick 'n Save must wonder why I buy large bags of bulk peanuts.  They are for the birds of course.

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Here We Go Again

wauwatosa foundry air pollution stone point trees evil WDNR region 5 EPA hazardous air pollution

OK somebody call the National Security Agency I think our corner is under attack....again.  We just had to button down the hatches when the captain announced "set zebra" close all hatches and vents we are under a chemical gas attack. 

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