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The Frugal Gardener

I'm a Tosa resident and gardener for 40 years who loves to save money. I'm the daughter of Maryalice Koehne, an award- winning garden writer. Gardening is holistic and can be inexpensive, let me tell you the deals I've found.

Discoveries From the Last Two Weeks

The past two weeks have been blissfully busy!  Pizzeria Piccolo's Flowers conainers are planted and I'm nearing completion on the interior of the lounge at The Hamilton.  This is a great new wedding venue, worth a gander:

Link to Prospect Hill:

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Hawthorn Hill Farms Art and Craft show: The Garden Gate

Good Evening folks,

 I worked at a craft/art fair this weekend.  It was glorious then rainy then glorius again to day!  Great people vending and buying!
I met a farmer and his wife selling produce and the were trying to tell me that it is Scott Walker's fault that their son lost his Government Run School HS teaching potion.  Of course I had to object and mention a man I met who owns a huge strip of land and a small bar on the main drag in the Dells.  Mark- something polish and he came to this country in the 1970's with $5.00 in his pocket. He purchased and sold homes on the North side of Chicago for 20 or so years.  He held a property that a car dealer wanted for 15-20 years and sold for $450,000.00.  His property in the Dells is worth a number of million. 
I mentioned that we are all immigrant stock and should know that no one will give you a hand out and bailouts are for the birds!!!!   I wondered as I walked away if she realized that I was referring to farm subsidize as well.....
He wanted $6.00 for a bunch of 2nd cut asparagus, $4.00 for a small bunch of rhubarb..... I passed on those and opted for the carrots and beets! The scallions were $1.00 a piece ( they were big but come the heck on!)
 Peace, Love and Immigrants who hustle!
 Sarah Irene

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