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The Frugal Gardener

I'm a Tosa resident and gardener for 40 years who loves to save money. I'm the daughter of Maryalice Koehne, an award- winning garden writer. Gardening is holistic and can be inexpensive, let me tell you the deals I've found.

Questions and Answers

Question: I cut down a huge pine tree and would like to replace it with a lilac. Also...have you tried the new yellow Knockout? I have Double Knockout and really like it. .

FG Answer: I'm not a big rose grower, only Carefree Wonders or Grandma Irene's wild roses. What are you trying to achieve? There are so many cool lilacs out there. Always keep winter interest in mind.


Dandelions, clover and crab grass, what is the best way to get rid of this?
Frugal Gardener: Start over! In beds, burn it out with Round up or a generic and let it really die ( takes 1-2 weeks in this weather and you're further north. ) It will kill the roots and eventually shrivel up and die!


General weed control question:

FG Answer: Dandy's you can pop out and get the flowers before they go to seed. My favorite Fiskar's tool is great for that . Is it everywhere or just in a few areas?
Few areas, use Scots lawn program.

Comments: Love the questions keep them coming and share your successes! Holly D reminded me of another great method for new beds: after turning the soil and removing weeds, lay down newspaper or other paper fairly thickly and cover with shredded bark or chips. Wait a while and plant your new bed. My Mom used to do this all the time. She once challenged me "knowing you, one day you'll go all organic!" I'm not there yet.


Question: Should I fertilize my flower garden and what would be a good product if I do. Is there a good time to do this?

FG Answer: Many,Milorganite, Preen, dog crap, compost, cow manure. As long as you don't burn your lawn most beds can take a sprinkling anytime. I like Preen as it also has a pre-emergent seed blocker. Mark and I also share Milorganite. As for the lawn, Scot's system seems to work best with a little Milorganite.


Question: When is the best time to split up hosta's? they are overtaking my garden?
F G Answer: Anytime, as long as you water them and they don't droop, you can't kill them. JK any plant can be easily divided and now is the best time. Get them split and in the ground and water and you should... have good luck.


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