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Tosa office building shines with Energy Star certification

Wauwatosa, Office

High Pointe Office Center, 1200 N. Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa, has earned the Energy Star certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and is the highest-ranked Energy Star office building in Wisconsin, according to developer Wangard Partners Inc.

Buildings carrying the Energy Star label consume, on average, roughly 35% less energy than other office buidings.

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Wild Babies Expeditionary Academy

Kids, Wauwatosa, no child left inside

On colder days, about the only people you encounter on the streets of western Wauwatosa are Hearty Old Broads (HOBs) Out Walking Dogs (OWDs), along with an occasional younger or male counterpart.

But seldom is a child to be seen. Most snowmen have the look of parent-built models,  especially the impressive Easter Island jobs lined up on 119th Street.

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Never Grab a Groundhog

Critters, Strange But True, Groundhogs, Groundhog Aggression, Dangerous Groundhogs


Groundhog Day is a big event every year on this day over in Gobblers Knob, Pennsylvania. 

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Treat a coupon like money

coupons, debt, debt, money management, shopping

One thing I have learned within the past year in all my days of saving money and paying off bills is to treat a coupon like cash.  Everyone knows how to use a coupon, but do you know how to make the most out of it?

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Moments of courage and grace

Those who know me know I love history and the lessons we can learn from people of courage.  As a sinner, I hope to learn from those who have experienced moments of grace.  Here are two such moments in honor of Black History Month:

One Sunday morning in 1866, less than a year after surrendering the Confederate Army to Union General Ulysses S. Grant to end the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee was worshipping in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia. An African-American ex-slave, who had entered the church unnoticed, walked to the communion rail.  White parishioners were shocked and remained in their seats. Lee rose from his pew, walked to the rail, and knelt next to the man. They received communion side by side. The rest of the congregation followed.  

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New Additions



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Jack & the Beanstalk

There are many kings, queens, princes and princesses in fairy tales, but who is the most famous common man or boy?  It is Jack, as in
Jack & the Beanstalk or Jack the Giant Killer.  Joseph Jacobs wrote the first English version of this oral tale as one of the stories in his book, English Fairy Tales (1890).  The “Jack tales” go back hundreds of years in Europe.  This everyman is called Hans in German, Juan in Spanish and Jean or Jacques in France, all variations on the name or nickname for John.  Juan migrated as Juan Bobo to Hispanic lands, in particular Puerto Rico.  JeanPetit is a popular trickster in Cajun stories.  The English Jack and German Hans spread to Appalachia, where Jack becomes an “all-American farm boy".    


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Driving Matters

My youngest has his driver's license test scheduled.  Soon I will be out of a job.  No more driving Miss or Mister Daisy.  In other words - mark chauffeur off my list of tasks.  Come to that, mark driving instructor/masochist off my list too.   No longer will I sit beside a teenager saying calmly "You could start braking now"  when inside I am screaming "Are you insane?  Do you NOT see that the light is red?  You are a child and should not be behind the wheel EVER".

Luckily I think I have been able to mask the Mr. Hyde part of myself when we are out driving.  Every child so far seems to have thrived and survived and joined the ranks of gas guzzling commuters.

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Joe Bartolotta's Spaghetti for a Cause

The St. Bernard Athletic Association is once again hosting Bernie’s Tourney:  A 16-team basketball tournament for 6th grade boys and girls.

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

It's the start of the weekend people.

Super Bowl Weekend!

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The Busy Month in Pictures!

Trivia Night!  Sponsored by St. Bernard's Home and School Association!  (above & below!)

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Recipe of the Day and a Curling Good Time

Dangerous Kitchen Experiments, Terrific Cooking, Curling, Friends, Refreshing Adult Beverage

Tosa curling is always at its finest when food is involved.  Yesterday was the Third Annual Chili Spiel and competition cook-off.

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Gas Pains Gets a Trip to the Woodshed

Mayor Didier, Gas Pains

Last Tuesday I thought I'd mosey on over to City Hall.  There was a public hearing to be held on the proposed designation as a Historic District  that section of Wauwatosa Avenue from Warren Avenue to Watson Avenue.

I figured since that was my old neighborhood and since someone roped me into being on the Board over at the Wauwatosa Historical Society I might as well register a comment in favor of this proposed action.

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Snow Removal Ordinances

Wauwatosa Ordinance

The snow is falling again and as such I wanted to remind you about the Wauwatosa Ordinances regarding snow removal.

12.24.010 - Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks.

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Block Watch Captain Vacancies

Block Watch, Crime Prevention

Below is a list of existing block watches that do not have an active captain; because the neighborhoods listed have already established Block Watches most of the work has already been done. The new captain will simply be responsible for distributing the quarterly newsletter after the packet is delivered to your door. We also encourage, although not required, the new captain to host a refresher neighborhood watch meeting where a Wauwatosa Police Officer will come out and discuss information important to your neighborhood and the City.

If you can help or know of someone in your neighborhood who may be interested in delivering the Tosa Watch Newsletter four times a year, please call Laura at the Wauwatosa Police Department's Community Support Division at 471-8430, Ext 5111

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Olympic Curling - Exceedingly More Exciting Than Alpine Skiing or Figure Skating


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Business Watch, Crime Prevention, Public Education, Suspicious



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Trading a bus seat for two wheels of FUN

Vespa, motorcycle, scooter,, spring

Aside from getting up early on dark winter mornings, covering myself from head to toe in a woolen scarf, hat, mittens and long underwear, and trudging three blocks to catch the bus to work, I rather enjoy my daily rides downtown.

There's a community of riders who all know one another and we have spent many months shooting the breeze about our jobs, the recession, schools and weekend plans while our bus methodically ambles downtown.

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It's Now or Never to Fix Transit

It’s hard to get Tosans worked up about mass transit. We’re a city of mostly two-cars-in-every-garage families. We like the door-to-door convenience that personal vehicles provide. And we’re urban enough that we can walk to stores, restaurants and services when we’re feeling environmentally friendly.

If I mentioned property tax relief, would that pique your interest in mass transit?

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

Soulful and mellow acoustic tune from The Low Anthem.

Channeling Neil Young dontcha think?

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