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A Tosa State of Mind

Alderman Dennis McBride represents Wauwatosa's 4th District. An attorney and graduate of Wauwatosa East High School, Ald. McBride strives to be an effective, thoughtful, and nonpartisan representative for his constituents and for his hometown.

We'll miss you, Coach

Heaven’s bells are ringing out ahoya.  Wauwatosa has lost one of its great souls.

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Be an Angel

As a boy, I always found it amusing when older women would say "Be an angel, would you?" when they wanted me to get something for them.  It's a charming turn of phrase.

I've always been a bit skeptical about the existence of the angels that you see in books -- you know, the tall blond guys with big wings.  But through the years, I've met a bunch of "Clarence Oddbody" types, regular folks who've helped me when I needed it most.  A few times, the unexpected intervention of friends and strangers has been life-altering for me.

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