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Garys Corner of Tosa

Since moving to the 4th district in 1998 my wife and I have witnessed many big changes in our neighborhood. More big changes loom over us and I will be writing about them here.

Here We Go Again

wauwatosa foundry air pollution stone point trees evil WDNR region 5 EPA hazardous air pollution

OK somebody call the National Security Agency I think our corner is under attack....again.  We just had to button down the hatches when the captain announced "set zebra" close all hatches and vents we are under a chemical gas attack. 

But that's OK ,folks, we are going to be alright . I'm sure of it.  After calling the Wauwatosa health department, I think I made some head way.  I just don't know why the gentleman in charge of Environmental Health hasn't called me back.  But I'm sure he will.  He will won't he? 

I mean the health department even wants to protect us from Radon.  It's a colorless, odorless gas that can cause lung cancer.  I'm sure they are concerned about colorless gases that stink like hell and can potentially cause cancer too? 

I mean the health department does investigate human health hazards, and well everyone who thinks the health department should investigate this stink that is supposed to pass for our air well you all raise your hands, just do it indoors cause right now it's nasty outside. 

Anyone seen my Alderman McBride?  Haven't heard a peep from him about these gas attacks we have around here.  Alderwoman Organ you must be real busy too.  I did hear from Alderwoman Nikcevich though. Here's what she said regarding the foundry and the Stone Point Senior Apartments.

Thanks Gary,

This is something that I will keep watch on.  I asked Griffin to respond to some of your points from the previous email.  I think it is something that we need to stay vigilant.  I do believe that the apartment complex with its row of trees along the lot line will be a step in the right direction along with the grass.  There is no perfect solution but I am trying to get the best results possible.

Yours for a better Wauwatosa,

Linda Z. Nikcevich

Linda Z. Nikcevich

Alderwoman 1st District

2264 N. 67th Street

Wauwatosa, WI 53213


Well, thank whoever you thank, because the newly approved Senior Apartment development is going to be protected from Grede's hazardous air pollution by a row of trees.  If I knew that's all I needed to do, I'd of planted them suckers 10 years ago. 

There's no perfect solution, huh?  I'm sorry, but we need more then photosynthesis to help us.  I got the perfect solution, and I've been saying it all along, haven't I?  Yes, I have.  Close the foundry.  No, it's not simple I agree.  Is it fair to the people working there?  Is it fair we can't go outside right now, or open a window.  Is it fair our health is at risk?  When I say our health, I don't just mean mine and my wife, I mean everyone who is down wind at this very moment. 

Around the corner from me I bet at least the first 7 houses pay as much property tax as Grede does.  The foundry affects this neighborhood so much, and we affect the foundry not at all.  It's like they have a stone wall of protection around them.  Why is that I wonder?  What system can do that?  Who can get away with that? 

Who are you that lets these chemicals drift through our yards, day cares, and parks?  Are you evil and do you hide in shadows just out of sight, quiet and still.  Should we be afraid of you?  Should I tell you who it is?  Because I know who it is, don't you? 

Why it's every one of you who closed their windows just past 8:00 pm tonight and who won't call this guy at the DNR.  And it's all of you who ever had to close windows and never did a thing about's you!.

PM Michael Griffin  P.E.

Environmental Engineer

Air Management

Milwaukee Service Center - SER

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

(() phone:      (414) 263-8554

(() fax:         (414) 263-8716

(() cell:        (414) 750-0737

(+) e-mail:

or this guy at the EPA.


You see I recently heard from a neighbor who did call the DNR.  This neighbor who I thank so much called the DNR.  Mr. Griffin told him if one person makes a thousand complaints "me" nothing will happen.  But if 30 individuals call and make complaints, then something can happen. Please call or email these guys and make something happen.  Please,I can't do this alone.  I need your help to improve our quality of life. 

It's getting late so I'm going to get my respirator on, and take my dogs out now.  I wonder if they make respirators for dogs?  Gary K.

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