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Garys Corner of Tosa

Since moving to the 4th district in 1998 my wife and I have witnessed many big changes in our neighborhood. More big changes loom over us and I will be writing about them here.

Hey look Ma I'm blogging.

Hey look Ma I'm writing a blog.  Once my Mom has seen some of the things I'll be writing about, and saying she'll say "Gary" your going to make some people mad.  Oh I know Mom but I don't know any way around it. I began writing my blog over a week ago but I got cold feet.  I think I have to ease myself into it and get warmed up. 

I chose the title Gary's Corner of Tosa because we live at the intersection of Martin Drive and North 62nd Street.  I plan on writing about my experiences, observations, and the many questions I have.  For instance Grede Foundry why is it still there operating?  We see concern in the news about butter flies and the need to call the hazardous material team out because of dangerous fumes from a meth lab.  Isn't anyone else concerned about this Foundry?  I have cancer does anyone else have cancer who lives down wind of Grede?  I recently asked the EPA if the foundry pollution was safe to breath?  They didn't know.  They would have to spend $40,000 to do air monitoring and it would take a year.  I guess we aren't worth it.  The DNR says Grede Liberty foundry is in compliance with the law, but still they can't say if the air is safe to breath down wind. 

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Good comments, but some I've heard before.

Foundry pollution Wauwatosa developments apartments homes houses senior living condo health safety

Lets see I got a few comments supporting the foundry it looks like.  But none regarding the issue is the foundry holding up redevelopment around it, and is the pollution dangerous to our health?

I guess I can understand the commenter's being anonymous.  I'm not saying any could work for Grede or they they had a business relationship with Grede although one said he'd had in the past.  It does make it easier to be wrong too.

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Jogging Arborist's In Tosa

Hawthorn glen milwaukee development wauwatosa foundry pollution politics court house security

This week in our neighborhood we've seen unusual joggers.  Unusual because of how many, and the blue collar work cloths they wear instead of the usual fitness related garb one would expect to see around here.  My wife has been exchanging good mornings as they all pass her by on her way to work.  Some of the 20 or more past her by a little slower then the rest.  And I think the dogs on Martha Washington between Vliet and Martin Dr. all got woken up earlier then they are used to. 

It turns out that these men and women are Urban Arborist trainees.  As I understand it's a combination non-profit and Milwaukee City Government program where the trainees get a salary while they train and upon completion are guaranteed job in the private sector.  The training is taking place at Hawthorne Glen Nature center.  It's a 23 acre nature preserve owned by the Milwaukee School District where 12,000 school children visit on field trips every year.  It's also down wind of Grede Foundry and in past years many of those children, their teachers, and parents had to have asked what is that terrible smell and learned something unexpected in a nature preserve for children about foundry pollution.

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