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Garys Corner of Tosa

Since moving to the 4th district in 1998 my wife and I have witnessed many big changes in our neighborhood. More big changes loom over us and I will be writing about them here.

41 Hours of Pollution Fallout And No Relief

Wednesday morning of this week I found that after weeks of clean air the winds had changed and Grede's pollution was back.  Just a little while ago this Thursday evening at 11:00 pm I had taken my dogs out to do they're business.  I had to rush them because the pollution had gotten so bad.  I wasn't out much during the day but tonight is the worse of the day.  I wanted to check something so I returned to my backyard with my 1,000,000 candle power Target spot light.  I pointed it up into the sky in the direction of the wind and Grede Foundry.

What I saw shocked me, and I swore.  When I did that I saw a current of dust flow in front of the light as if it were winter and my breath was frozen.  The dust was so thick my breath must have been like cigarette smoke passing in front of the light.  The particulates were thick as smoke.

Wednesday evening I called the DNR and left a message regarding an open door at Grede.  Not a big deal except that door is next to the huge overhead door I video taped last year.  On a Sunday night with few cars in Grede's parking lot I saw that large overhead door open, and smoke and dust was flowing from it.  That's a no no.  I posted it on You tube for all to see.  The foundry ended up sending the DNR a email stating they have a policy of keeping that door shut, and they would retrain employees to keep it shut.  Well this morning after they left the smaller door open all night, I spotted the large door open as well.  I called the DNR engineer, and during that conversation he comments how Wednesday morning was the worst pollution he experience here?  I thought "WHAT".  I told him no it was much worse later in the day, but he insisted again that to him that morning was again the worst he'd seen.  If he thought that was bad he'd have a stroke if he were here right now. 

If it was so bad what did he do about it?  I don't know.  I think no one gives a rats tail about us.  If the DNR inspector hadn't experienced the extent of Grede's fallout on us then I can guess Tosa city hall hasn't either.  In the past I've invited many elected officials, the DNR. and EPA to sit in my font yard and learn what I know about air pollution.  No one has shown up as yet.  So that's why I'd like to invite my Mayor Didier, and anyone else from the common council, health dept., building and zoning to come on over and sit a spell.  Only it has to be when the foundry is really pouring it on like right now.  If you don't want to hang out with me I'll leave you alone and I'll stay indoors.

I suppose if you don't want to get involved you sure aren't going to hang around the crime scene.  To seem innocent you need denial-ability.  If your seen talking to me during the fallout you can't denia it very well.  Your innocents is stripped away.  Stripped away just like the finish on my siding, and the paint on my truck.

I could offer guests respirators to be polite but that would defeat the purpose don't you think.  Besides respirators are expensive, and we've had to eat out a lot the past few days.  We can't turn on the kitchen exhaust fan.  What ever goes up the fan gets replaced with foundry pollution.  It's drawn into the house by the fan of course.  That's the same reason I couldn't dry a load of laundry today.  Those guys at the foundry must of been hot in that building today.  I know how that is too because in the summer we can go for weeks with Grede pollution outside our home.  The air gets so stuffy and stale.  We're lucky they shut down on Saturdays lately and at some point we can open windows.

I'm hoping some of you reading this live around Grede because I want to tell you we can do some good for ourselves.  We can write letters to the Common council committee for community development.  Because of the type of zoning Grede has any of us can write them stating your problem with Grede foundry on State St.  For example if you are concerned with them causing a health hazard to you, damage to your property, you not able to use your property,  do you find the odors objectionable,  noxious, are you worried they are toxic, and the big question is the pollution safe to breath? 

If you write such a letter and it is credible they have to hold committee meeting for it.  You know I recently asked the EPA if this so called air was safe to breath, but you know what?  They didn't know.  They didn't know?  Come on.  I need people living around the foundry to speak up for themselves.  You have rights.  You pay to have them protected.  So where is our city government, the Tosa health dept., zoning dept, and all the rest.  What are you for if not to protect us form the bully on State Street.  Stand up for your rights to open windows, sit unmolested in your living room, your yard for #Z*&@! sake. 

I want, I deserve my right to use my property with out the foundry pollution spoiling it.  Grede is loud, it stinks, I believe it threatens my health,  and its time to stop the bully "Grede".  Please contact me if you have questions.  I want to help because it's so important. Let's do it.

Tomarrow is going to be day 3 with out fresh air in our house.  Are you listening Tosa health dept., DNR, and I know a couple people at the EPA read my blog are you listening.  Send Help!!!!!!!!!!!

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