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If you don't know how to do it, I'll show you how to walk the dog. . .

Walking the dog

(Doggerel for a perfect May Day)

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Talkn' Turkey With The Garden Chronicles

Gardening, Hunt'n, Friends

Lawyer has been up here turkey hunting since last Wednesday afternoon.  One of a succession of hunters turning their hand at gracing their Thanksgiving table with a wild bird.

Did you know that nine out of ten consumers think that wild birds taste better than your basic factory-raised, store-bought bird?

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Making the Census Count

Pat yourselves on the back, fellow Tosans! WauwatosaNow just reported that our town had a higher percentage of response to the census than the county (+16 percent), state (+2 percent) and country (+17 percent). With our 83 percent response, we’re going to save the federal government an untold fortune in census worker wages.

Why the response isn’t closer to 100 percent escapes me. I grant you, the census isn’t perfect. A friend who has mixed-race children pointed out the lack of that choice on the form other than as a write-in option.

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Retail Ruminations

Community, Tosa Business

Now that Spring is officially here, I find myself noticing more things in and around Tosa. Sure, I see the lovely flowers popping out of the ground and a vibrant green abounds in every front yard and treescape.

But what I tend to notice are the empty or underutilized storefronts in our town. I hear rumors of the economy rebounding, so I can't help but think that somebody, anybody should be taking advantage of this and opening a fun new shop where there currently is nothing. Here are some examples and my suggestions for each:

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Recipe of the Day

Terrific Cooking

Coq au Vin

Pronounced - coke oh vah - literally translates to chicken with wine. Courtesy of Chef Andy Mueller.

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Win-Win-Win for Wauwatosa

On May 4, the Wauwatosa Common Council voted 13-2 to approve the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's plan to develop part of the Milwaukee County Grounds, east of Highway 45 and north of Watertown Plank Road.  UWM will develop a science research facility, technology-based business park, and other buildings, including apartments in and near the historic Eschweiler Buildings.  The development will be called "Innovation Park."  Eleven acres in the 88-acre parcel have been set aside as a habitat for migrating monarch butterflies.

What the Council approved was a preliminary plan.  UWM will return for other City approvals on a more detailed plan as it develops parts of the property.

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A Little off the Top

Recently we had a new roof put on this old house.  The roofing company was nice enough to tell me that scraping 70 years of old roof off the top of the house would make quite a mess in the attic so I made an effort to move the mountain of boxes we had stored up there.  My plan was to move, downsize, weed out, donate and generally get rid of junk we didn't even know was up there.  Along the way I found some old memories to weed through too.

Downsizing didn't go as well as I planned.  The electric typewriters held endless fascination for my teenage son who asked me how to put the paper in and then started freeforming sentences.  Why that is more fun than using the computer I don't know but I'm pretty sure the novelty will wear off.  I was also foiled long distance on my weeding out by the college kid  frantically texting "don't touch my Goosebump and Fear Street books!"   My two oldest GROWN UP children kept the junk in the family by hauling boxes of My Little Ponys and Ninja Turtles to safety for future storage.  Of course I couldn't get rid of the baby clothes and toys I had so lovingly packed away so I decided to become ruthless when I found some really old boxes at the back of the attic.  I was able to discard a whole box of wedding cards from my 1976 wedding.  Why I had those up there I'll never know.  Two things about those - they were so...seventies looking and many of the names signed on those cards rang no bells whatsover.  Who were these people?  Whoever they were they wished me well in February of 1976 with Crockpots, blankets and $10 bills.  (I had written what gift they gave inside the card).  Strange - I was allowed a glimpse into a world I had completely forgotten - my young woman life.  Digging through another box I met an even younger me in the form of my junior high autograph book.  Funny how most of those names I remembered.  The cute boys, the popular girls - every name brought to life those long forgotten people.  Like most autograph books many entries were signed with "stay the way you are".  I'm not sure I did.  I wonder if they did. 

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East Tosa is highlighted on 88Nine's Neighborhood Project

East Tosa, North Avenue Neighborhood Alliance, 88Nine

You know how you get comfortable where you are and find yourself taking things for granted?  This week, I had the opportunity to see my neighborhood through someone else's eyes and be reminded of what a gem East Tosa is.   I had the great pleasure of acting as guide to Adam Carr, a Producer on 88Nine - Radio Milwaukee.   Though there are so many things I love about living here, acting as guide to Adam highlighted those little things I had started to take for granted - being able to walk for pretty much all my needs, business owners who know you and ask about your family,  neighbors coming together on a front porch to share about their day over a glass of wine. is such a wonderful feeling to feel at home!

Be sure to listen to 88Nine as East Tosa is showcased on the Neighborhood Project all next week! 

Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

Do you ever get the impression that American popular culture is on rare occasion unable to rise above all of the other civilized cultures in the world? 

You know what I mean.  Really shine.  Culturally-speaking.

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Bleeding hearts and the obsolescence of motherhood

Personal, Kids

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Wine and Beer Tasting: A Hart Park Bench Fundraiser

Saturday, May 15, 2010  $15.00 per person PLEASE RSVP! (see below) (*pay at the door)

(*St. Bernard & Christ King & St. Pius X) We cordially invite one and all!!!

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A Mother's Day Surprise

Critters, Life In Tosa

We've been watching some finches casing-out one of the asparagus ferns hanging on the front porch.

First house finches.

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Death and Dying

Conservation, Critters, Family, Roadside Curiosities, Strange But True

Early one morning last week I stopped to visit my dad on the way to the day job.

Dad's in hospice care now and It's handy that St. Camillus is on the way to and from work.

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My Girl

All you parents will know what I'm talking about.

My apologies to Smokey Robinson for stealing his words (in a song he wrote for The Temptations), but when my first child, Meredith, was born 20+ years ago, she became my sunshine on a cloudy day.  When it was cold outside, she was my month of May.  She was my girl, and she changed my life completely.

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First building at UWM's Tosa development could begin work this year

Wauwatosa UWM

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's plans to create a science research campus and tech-oriented business park in Wauwatosa could be getting a jump start.

UWM's application for a $3.5 million federal grant tied to the development, known as Innovation Park, has been "favorably received," although no final decision has been issued yet, said David Gilbert, president of the UWM Real Estate Foundation.

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Pancakes With Mom Wrap Up

The event was our eighth annual and raised much needed funds for the Wauwatosa Crime Stoppers that will be used to maintain the high quality of life in Wauwatosa through crime prevention efforts.

This year we recorded 841 people who attended and 32 people who volunteered.
On behalf of The Wauwatosa Crime Stoppers and The Wauwatosa Police Department, I would like to thank all who attended, our many sponsors and all those hard working people who volunteered to work the event. Year after year this event shows the true "Community spirit" of Wauwatosa as it brings us together to celebrate Mother's Day, take a stand against crime and to kick off the registration process heading into this year's Tosa Night Out.

Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture

Awesome acoustic guitar work by Ellis Paul to start your weekend people...

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TELL Family, Friends, Neighbors: 

St. Bernard School OPEN HOUSE 

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Eighth Grade Graduates Prophesy About One Another

Using creative writing skills one day, our eighth graders were asked to predict one anothers' futures.  Keep reading for a chuckle.  Thanks  & blessings to the kids, and best of luck in your future endeavors!

This graduate will attend Milwaukee School of the Arts. He will finish his high school term with a 4.0 GPA. He will get a college scholarship in basketball at Yale. In the year 2031 he will become the president of the United States. He will create a new machine that spilt quarks (part of an atom). This invention opens up a great line of new inventions including the Play Station 4 which is his favorite object ever made! This graduate is Louis Weissert.

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Giving up meat - just at the wrong time

Argentina vegetarian meat

 Going semi-vegetarian has been easier than I thought it would be. I haven't eaten meat since my last post... way too long ago, and hardly miss it, to be honest. There are so many other tasty things to eat, I am discovering: salmon, caprese salads, bean and cheese quesadillas - even Boca Burgers (yes, once you pile on the condiments, they taste just like a regular burger!!)

I think, however, this may be a problem when I get to Buenos Aires in a couple of weeks. My employer and our whole staff are headed down to run our organization's annual conference there and we've been promised the best, tastiest Argentinean beef around - every night. 

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