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Garys Corner of Tosa

Since moving to the 4th district in 1998 my wife and I have witnessed many big changes in our neighborhood. More big changes loom over us and I will be writing about them here.

Grede Foundry Turns on the Jets to Combat Tosa's Embarressing " Bad Smell" near its Village Center

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Grede Foundry comes to Wauwatosa's rescue again.  After being shut off for many months Grede Iron Foundry is once again combating Wauwatosa's embarassing " Bad Smell".  For a century Wauwatosa has suffered with the embarrassing bad odor near its Village which centers in the 6400 block of State Street.  The Iron Foundry owned by the Wayzata Coropration has again turned on the jets a top one of its pollution exhaust stacks and is spraying a chemical product high into our air in the attempt to " Mask  or  Cover Up " Tosa's bad smell.  Thank you Grede Liberty Foundry for stepping up to the "Smell". Unlike our officals your at least trying to cover up the problem of Wauwatosa's "Bad Smell".  It must be costing the Iron Foundry a great deal of money to spray the mixture of Chemicals and water 24 hours a day 6 and a half days a week.  I'm sure Grede Liberty Foundry wishes Government Officals would just take responsibilty for resolving Tosa's "Bad Smell" or BS for short.

Tosa's "BS' seems to be immune to conventional remedies such as common sense, or the elected officals, the WDNR, EPA, Senator Herb Kohl, and Congressman James Senssenbrenner JR.  Wisconsin has a Statute against emitting a objectional odors such as Tosa's bad smell but a last the WDNR won't enforce it.  After decades of record keeping the WDNR has many citizen complaints pointing at the cause of Wawautosa's bad smell, but the WDNR reports they are still investigating the cause of Wauwatosa's "BS".  One WDNR environmental engineers investigation pointed to the possiblity that a resturants dumspter near the complainats home could be the source of the complaint.  That investigation continued and was left to the engineers replacement, and so on.  Grede Foundry leads to many dead ends.

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