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St. Bernard News Now

St. Bernard of Clairvaux parish is a family-friendly church community located in the heart of historic Wauwatosa. The mission of St. Bernard Parish is to provide the people of God with the pastoral care and spiritual nourishment they need to proclaim the Good News of Christ in their lives and to the world.This blog will inform the community of events and activities at this special parish celebrating is 100th Anniversary in 2011. Visit us online at


Four Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

In order to get a glimpse of how much fun it is for kids who go to St. Bernard Parish School on a daily basis, one can look to the Back-To-School picnic held on August 17th at Wisconsin Avenue Park.  Our school is growing everyday.  St. Bernard School delights in its small yet diverse classes.  Enjoy the pictures below!  Click for contact info.

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L-O-F-T Spells Leadership

back-to-school, leadership, small class size

Exciting things are happening at St. Bernard Parish School!

The 7th and 8th grade students are taking part in a leadership seminar this year.  During the first week of school, students took part in training.  Additionally, as a part of their religion class, Mr. Strube and Miss Leto are helping students develop leadership skills while taking part in in-school outreach projects. 

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Little Lambs Project

On top of this year's middle school leadership seminars, St. Bernard Parish School students of all ages are engaged in assisting with our Little Lambs project.

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