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Write of Passage

Maureen Connors Badding arrived in Wauwatosa 22 years ago via Buffalo and Phoenix. She's a freelance writer and habitual volunteer who enjoys book clubs, travel, entertaining and cheering for her daughter's swim team.

Hooray for the Leaf Team!

Leaf pick-up

I've been such a vocal critic of Wauwatosa's leaf pickup operation over the last couple of years, that I have to give credit when it's due. The pickup in our part of town, the northeast side, has been great this year. Way to go, Public Works Department!

Maybe it's just sheer luck that I've been hitting the rotation at the right time. I have raked into the street twice, and both times the leaves were plowed up that night and actually removed the next day! (If I'm not mistaken, that's as many times as our leaves were picked up all of last year.)

It's not that I don't love the fall leaves. Timely leaf pickup is an issue of parking and driving safety. I can't tell you how many heart-pounding times I've had an ignorant driver lurch into my lane to avoid a leaf pile in his.

Keep up the good work, guys!

So how's the service in your part of town?

Little Shop of Delights


If you don't have plans for Friday or Saturday night (November 21 or 22), call Wauwatosa East NOW at 773-2004 to order your tickets for Little Shop of Horrors. Go ahead, I'll wait.

It's that good.

I have yet to see a Tosa East musical I didn't like, and Little Shop is one of their best. The singing is amazing, the acting is great, the pit rocks and the turntable set makes for fast, seamless scene changes. It was an added delight for me to see kids I've known since they were in sixth grade (and in some cases, kindergarten) turn into consummate actors and technicians before my eyes.

I was part of a small crowd that passed up the Packers/Bears game on Sunday to attend the play, but I'd love to see the house packed this weekend. Do leave the little ones at home, though. The play features a sadistic dentist and a plant with a serious eating disorder and bad attitude.

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating. Our high school theater departments and sports teams offer the best entertainment values in Tosa. No, make that Milwaukee. Here's a great opportunity to take advantage of professional quality theater in your own neighborhood.

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