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St. Bernard News Now

St. Bernard of Clairvaux parish is a family-friendly church community located in the heart of historic Wauwatosa. The mission of St. Bernard Parish is to provide the people of God with the pastoral care and spiritual nourishment they need to proclaim the Good News of Christ in their lives and to the world.This blog will inform the community of events and activities at this special parish celebrating is 100th Anniversary in 2011. Visit us online at


Living our Mission

St. Bernard's students, faculty, families, parishioners, and staff strive to live our mission daily within our day-to-day living.  Recently, the mission was re-evaluated by several parish and school committees.    St. Bernard Parish School strives to uphold its mission each and every day!  Remember, one does not need to be Catholic to attend St. Bernard Parish School:  a gem in the heart of Tosa's village for over 80 years!

Mission Statement

We at St. Bernard's School are Christian educators who answer the call to work closely with the students, parents, parish staff, and parishioners to instill Christ-centered values within the learning environment. We nurture the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical growth of our students. We strive to help students develop a deep and whole-hearted participation in their faith built on a personal relationship with God, strong moral and spiritual values, an awareness of Christian Social Teaching, and service to others.

Academic Philosophy

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Young Authors: Poetry

Below are samples of some budding poets from our upper grades from their poetry units.


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'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Young Author's Style at St. Bernard

This adaptation of the traditional verse was penned by Tom H, one of our "big kids" at St. Bernard Parish School.  We hope you find it as touching as we did.  Let us count our many blessings this Christmas.  May God bless all brave Americans serving our beloved country.

Twas the night before Christmas

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Big Plans! Did you know???

This blog is intended to communicate OUR plans which we hope can influence YOUR plans!  If you're not in the market for a great school, perhaps you can pass the word to someone who is!

January will be a busy month at St. Bernard Parish School in the heart of Tosa's village.  Proudly serving area students for decades...

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