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St. Bernard News Now

St. Bernard of Clairvaux parish is a family-friendly church community located in the heart of historic Wauwatosa. The mission of St. Bernard Parish is to provide the people of God with the pastoral care and spiritual nourishment they need to proclaim the Good News of Christ in their lives and to the world.This blog will inform the community of events and activities at this special parish celebrating is 100th Anniversary in 2011. Visit us online at


Young Authors: Poetry

Below are samples of some budding poets from our upper grades from their poetry units.


My inside self and my outside self

Are different as can be

My face looks rather young

And is a bit chubby

I am quite short

With lips that are little

And sometimes I feel

I'm fluffy around the middle

My inside self is different

As you can see

I'm more confident

And filled with much glee

I look more mature

As I stand tall

And with my full lips and thinner middle

I feel better overall



Green can mean energetic or calm.

Green is sour like a freshly picked lime.

Green is sharp like a knife.

Green is the smell of pine trees or flowers.

Green is as lone as miles and miles of grassland.

Green is the sound of the grass swaying around by the wind.  (SARAH)

THE LAKE HOUSE:  (by Louis)

Bright, breezy

Warm, clear day

At sundown bird twirping, trees rustling

People fishing, eagles soaring, clouds breaking

Swimming, Hiking

Next July

Laid back



Her smile was frail but merry.

Her deck of cards sat on the table

Next to her fragile hands,

She could always remember our names

For that is something she wouldn't dare forget,

She told us stories of her life,

And we told her stories of ours.

She would never spare a detail

Which we all greatly respected,

Thump! Thump! Her heartbeats were limited,

But she would never surrender

She was worn by the 101 years, But she was stronger than any of us,

Though she is gone now,

She left with me her prized possession,

Her love.

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