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Whine and Cheese

Doug has been a Tosa resident for over 20 years and loves his Olde Hillcrest neighborhood. He enjoys reading, riding his Harley and making his wonderful wife and three kids laugh.

No more "sleep-overs"

My wife and I have come to the realization that it is time to downsize. Our youngest is graduating from East in June and the fact of the matter is we don't need the square footage, taxes and heating bills that come with our current home.

We've lived here for ten years and have started the unpleasant task of deciding what to throw away or donate and what to keep. As we started to clear out the basement storage areas I came across 4 or 5 sleeping bags that have gotten quite a bit of use- not camping, mind you, the Spragues enjoy nature but when given a choice prefer waking up in a bed rather than in a tent. These dusty down-filled sleeping bags have been used primarily for the dreaded "sleep overs".

There was a time when the kids were middle-school age it seemed we had sleep overs every single weekend. A sleep over was an opportunity for kids to get to know each other, gossip and bond- this, of course was before technology allowed them to get to know each other with naked pictures of themselves. 

I hated it when my kids had sleep overs. I hated having strange little people in my house. I hated trying to get them to go to sleep at a reasonable time and worrying about what they were watching on the VCR in the rec room. I hated trying to provide a reasonably healthy breakfast in the morning. I hated thinking about the bathroom habits of other people's kids. Gross.

It's probably been a year since our last sleep over. Although I don't miss it, I hope all of my kids will someday think back to those more innocent times and remember the nights spent in those sleeping bags with a smile.   

So for now, the sleeping bags are packed into my leftover blue recycle bags. The jury is still out as to whether to chuck them or keep them.  The only thing they'll be keeping warm is memories.

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