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Whine and Cheese

Doug has been a Tosa resident for over 20 years and loves his Olde Hillcrest neighborhood. He enjoys reading, riding his Harley and making his wonderful wife and three kids laugh.

Polar Plunge IV

It's  almost 7 PM and now that my fingers and toes are thawed and I have broken all of my New Year's resolutions I thought I would share my experience this morning with you on my fourth New Year's Day jump into Lake Michigan.

If you have not been down to the beach for the annual dip, maybe you have seen it on TV- thousands of yahoos watching hundreds of yahoos run into our frigid and filthy Great Lake at High Noon. (This high can also describe many of the participants- some I am sure are still up from 2007's last hurrah at the local watering hole).

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Destination Reality

Hats off and congratulations to Sandy Cristan and Kathy Schultz for their efforts in making the Destination Reality program at Tosa East a huge success Tuesday morning.

Sandy and Kathy teach Independent Living at Tosa East which helps students learn about life after high school- you know, paying bills, careers, housing, insurance, etc.

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Super Bore

Ok- I'm guessing a five day cooling off period after the Packer mishap on Sunday should suffice. Bottom line is, now that the Green and Gold won't be playing Feb. 3 who do you root for? I consider myself a decent sports fan and red-blooded American male but I just can't seem to care who wins the Super Bowl.

I'm not sour, bitter, pissed off or disillusioned about the Packer's loss, I just don't want to waste 5 hours of my life watching two teams I don't care about. 

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