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Gas Pains

Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

The Race Is On


In case you missed it, Wauwatosa is gearing-up for another mayoral campaign.  So far we have three announced contenders.  Here’s the current roll and my initial appraisals:

Jill Didier – A tad thin on resume but has experience in city government.  I reside in her aldermanic district.  She came out swinging with her early attack on Mayor Estness over the city’s compliance with state law over the proposed taxation of high-end, independent senior housing.  More on that stink later.  Since Mayor Estness isn’t running for reelection Didier will have define her campaign around other issues of substance.

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Itchy and Scratchy

Girlfriend, Outdoors

I recently recovered from a bad case of poison ivy. 

I know what poison ivy looks like and I know where it lives.  I avoid it like the plague.

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A Gaseous Fundraiser?

Gas Pains, Terrific Cooking

A while ago there was some seditious talk over at the Tosa Town Square about a chili cook-off.  It has resurfaced.

If someone can pull this-off, I'm in.

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Senior Housing - A Taxing Issue?

Politics-Tosa, Rubbish

Curious to learn more about the possibility of taxing high-end senior independent living facilities I stopped at City Hall recently. 

I took the time to peruse a pile of letters and emails, measuring about an inch and a half thick, that had been received by the mayor, the assessor and members of the City Council on this subject.

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Free Open House - An Introduction to Curling - Updated

Just For Fun, Tosa Curling, Tosa Events

Try the sport that is Sweeping the Nation.

At the Wauwatosa Curling Club - located in the Muellner Building at Hart Park.

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Taxing Senior Housing - In a Holding Pattern

Politics-Tosa, Rubbish, Strange But True

The possibility of property taxes being assessed on luxury, independent senior living facilities has been shifted to the back burner while the City Attorney's office and legal counsel for the senior communities lock horns.

Frankly, I'm disappointed that the public hearing to be held by the Committee of the Whole for tomorrow evening has been called-off.

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Sniff, Sniff...

Hunt'n, Outdoors

I stink.

Yep.  That is correct.  I really stink. 

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More on Taxing Seniors

Politics-Tosa, Public Policy

Ha.  I thought that title would grab you.

While having coffee with girlfriend this morning I mused over the attention that this topic seems to have garnered.  It has occurred to me that more than once someone has postulated that the Greatest Generation has paid enough in taxes (or something to that effect) and seniors shouldn't pay any more in property taxes.

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Day Off

Girlfriend, Hunt'n, Outdoors

I took the day off today.

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Ringneck Hunting

Friends, Girlfriend, Hunt'n, Outdoors

Had an opportunity to join a couple of my deer hunting buddies this morning at the Crawfish River Hunting Preserve.

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Tomatoes Linked to Global Warming?

Forestry, Odds and Ends, Personal, Terrific Cooking

The rather animated discussion about global warming being held on the TTS took-off on a weird tangent this afternoon. 

The subject turned to my tomatoes 

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Tosa Trivia

Tosa Trivia

Let's see how many of you know your local trivia.  

There are no prizes for a correct answer - just the admiration of your fellow readers for your capacity to retain mundane and generally useless information.

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