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Gas Pains

Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Friday Morning Music

Hot Women, Popular Culture, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris

Start your weekend with an incredible duet.

Steve Earle with Emmylou Harris.  One of my most  favorite songs and favorite artists.

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The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Girlfriend, Sister, Labrador Retriever, Gun Dog, Shamrock Acres

It seems like it has been raining babies lately.

My business partner and her husband recently welcomed their first child into the world.

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture, Bo Deans, Liquid Johnny's Tailgate Party

A couple of weekends ago I was sorting through all manner of stuff I've collected over the years.  I like to think of it as my self-treatment plan of my pack rat syndrome.  I was determined to finally stow it away properly.  Things from the years in Germany in one trunk.  Boy Scout and Camp St. Michael stuff in another.  Brewers stuff and Packer's stuff in their own bins.

Why is it that we save all of the routine, the collectible and arcane?

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Six Degrees of Separation

Gas Pains, Travel, Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat, Crailsheim Germany,

It has been hypothesized that there are only six degrees of separation between one of us and everyone else that inhabits our fragile satellite in the vast galaxy of the Milky Way.

Microsoft has evidence to support this theory.

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Talkin' Turkey

Turkey Hunting, Talking Turkey, Turkey Decoys, Mossberg Turkey Gun, Door County Hunting

I fumbled my way out of bed the other day at 4 AM.

Turning-on the coffee I assembled exactly two peanut butter sandwiches (with lettuce and mayonnaise), one hard-cooked egg, an orange and a bottle of water.  Filling a small thermos with steaming joe I stuffed the flask, my breakfast and lunch along with a book into my backpack. Grabbing my trusty Mossberg turkey gun and a couple of shells I headed out in the dark.  The previous afternoon I had stashed a duffel with decoys in a blind.

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Playing a Game of Chicken With The People's Money

Wauwatosa Politics, Mayor Didier, Governor Walker, Union Negotiations, Union Goon, Union Thuggery, Palace Intrigue

How many of you like palace intrigue as much as I do?

Seems like we have a moat load of it now that this coming Tuesday the Council is going to revisit the ratification of those union contracts they dismissed last month.

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Gas Pains Makes a Wager

Wauwatosa Politics, Mayor Didier, Governor Scott Walker, Union Bargaining in Wauwatosa, Wauwatosa Food Pantry, Union Goon, Union Thug, Wagering, Stanley Zurawski, Sr.,

It certainly has been an interesting week what with the Council and the Governor and the Mayor and the crowds and the Budget Repair Bill.

Personally, I think that the Mayoral veto is going to cost us Tosans some money.  Nevertheless, we'll have to see how it all plays out in the long run.

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Guess The Critter

Critters, Great Blue Heron, Large Aquatic Birds, Door County Great Blue Heron

The trail camera takes rather nice pictures for a not so expensive device.

I had it mounted over a frequently traveled deer and turkey trail but with the spring melt, more snow and additional rain the trail has turned into a shallow river. 

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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Hunt'n, Talking Turkey, Terrific Cooking, Turkey Hunting, Home Cured Meat, Smoked Meat, Smoked Wild Turkey

I have smoker envy.

This is my smoker.

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture, Moody Blues, Taverne De L'Oympia

It's the start of the weekend and I cannot help but slip comfortably into an old favorite.

From The Lost Performance - Live at Taverne De L'Oympia - Paris

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Friday Morning Music

Popular Culture, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Pancho and Lefty, Live at Amoeba

You can ignore Earle's political commentary.  This is a really good cover of a timeless Townes Van Zandt tune...


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Friday Morning Music

Townes Van Zandt, Pancho and Lefty, Popular Culture, Steve Earle - Pancho and Lefty

This is an awesome cover of a classic Townes Van Zandt tune.

Have terrific weekend.                                                                                                                                      .

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