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Saying So Much With Very Little

Books, Fun, Personal

The other day, I had the good fortune to hear about some new books from two representatives of Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop. If there’s one thing you know about me, it’s that I have an addiction to buying books. It is rare that I will enter a bookstore and leave empty-handed. For me, it is like walking into a kitchen and being faced with freshly baked brownies and cookies. I cannot resist!


Anyway, many good suggestions were made. One in particular made an impression and so I bought it. It’s a small book called Not Quite What I Was Planning. It is, simply, a collection of six-word memoirs. That’s right. I said SIX WORD MEMOIRS. You might be asking yourself, how can this be?


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Election Results vs Predictions

Now that the elections are over, lets see how I did against my predictions that I posted on March 16th, 2008.

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Exorcising the Winter Blues - Part 5

Just For Fun, Outdoors

I crawled out of bed this morning and was wondering how to shake the post-election blues out of my generally cheery demeanor.

As it turned-out - the sun rose as predicted - same place too.

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Celebrating a life: shamrocks and soljes


The Norwegian solje pin commemorates special occasions. This is a wedding solje, given to a bride by her husband on the morning of her first day as a wife.

My mother, Doris, died on April Fool's Day, also the birthday of her oldest grandson, Casey.  As deaths go, this was a good one: more about that later.

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What isn't lost

Aging, Mom, Spirituality

Americans don't much like to talk about death. Which is odd, because it is both huge and universal. So I will write once more about my mother's dying. 

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for music lovers only

Want to brighten your day and freshen up your song selection on your iPod?

Here are five songs I am willing to bet you don't have as part of your collection and I will almost guarantee you will enjoy.  If they are part of your collection I congratulate you on your fine taste! If not, check out a sample on iTunes or amazon.

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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Just For Fun, Terrific Cooking

The weather has turned pleasant enough to drag the smoker out of the garage and make some really good food like smoked pheasant.

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What women really want (no boys allowed)

Women only

Let's face it: what women really want is jeans and bras that fit. Also swimming suits, but that may be beyond the realm of the possible.

If you haven't discovered zafu yet, you're in for a treat. It just takes a few minutes of answering questions about how clothes usually fit (too loose here, too tight there) and you'll get a report ranking your best fit brands in a whole range of prices.

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Gee Wiz(ard)

Had a chance to see the Tosa East Players production of "The Wizard of Oz" last night and I can tell you whether or not you have a brain, a heart or the courage to attend this show you should grab a friend, relative or neighbor and check it out. Congratulations to all cast, crew and orchestra members who make this "high flying" musical a treat for all ages.

I sat in amazement watching this show trying to comprehend all the effort that went into the sets, dancing, singing and production. These students really outdid themselves and can be proud of the memories they have created for the audience and each other. Bravo! 

Thanks for the support.......

I started writing this blog 1 year ago and I just wanted to say Thank You!!  It has been fun and interesting.

The top 5 read blogs are in order (I have written 55):

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Tosa Trivia

Tosa Trivia

What used to stand at the southeast corner of Milwaukee and Underwood Avenues?

I'll post submissions - along with the correct answer - in a couple of days.

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Wasting our time: tonight's presidential debate

Clinton, Obama, Politics, Presidential debate

 It's 45 minutes into the Democratic debate between Clinton and Obama, and not a single important question has been raised.

 Instead, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulus have continued to grill the candidates about their ministers, their faulty recollections, and their failure to wear flag pins.

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Time Warner’s Navigator Leaves Me Lost

Things that bug me

I’ve seen this topic on the Town Square a while back, but we’re now facing it head-on in our house. I’m going on record and saying that I really, really, really dislike the new Time Warner “Navigator” on-screen system.


For those of you that don’t have digital cable, Navigator is the on-screen listing and DVR guide that was recently “upgraded.” Prior to this supposed upgrade, our on-screen TV Guide and the DVR Guide worked great. I had no complaints with it at all. A quick internet search yielded no reason for Time Warner to make the change.


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When words don't mean much

Death, language, Politics

 Liz and I were watching the news. The story was about preemptive reduction of cruising in the streets of Milwaukee--stopping it before anything bad actually happens. A police officer intoned seriously into the off-screen microphone, "The problem with cruising is that it leads to stopping."

We looked at each other and burst out laughing. That's sort of like saying, "The problem with life is that it leads to death." It's true, I guess, but what can you do with a comment like that?

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2007 Employer Health Care Benefits Survey



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Recipe of the Day

Just For Fun, Terrific Cooking

Shrimp Bisque

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Politics: write your own caption

Fluff, It's not easy, Politics

    I love this photo of Wauwatosa Mayor Jill Didier's swearing in.  It's so . . . lively and unconventional. And it practically cries for inventive captioning.

Judge rescues woman from attackers

Child, husband, try to stop mom

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The Scoop on Gelato

Restaurants, Tosa Business

Well, the dessert gods must have been listening to our dear, sweet Maddie. Gelato, my dear, is everywhere lately.


I too have gelato at the top of my Italian memories. One dish, in particular, stands out. It was called “Death by Chocolate” and it was consumed in the beautiful Piazza Navona in Rome. That memory is now filed in my mind as my “happy place.” I visited that happy place several times during our very long, record-breaking winter.


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Talk'n Turkey - Score!

Hunt'n, Outdoors, Personal

Spring is sprung, love is in the air and I have a second period spring turkey permit for Zone 34.

Check-in periodically as I'll be posting updates on my success (or lack thereof).

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The Grandmother Hypothesis

Aging, Grandmother hypothesis, Wisconsin Public Radio

What are you supposed to do you do when you’re not raising kids anymore, anyway? The easy answers to that question aren't always very satisfying, as I was reminded today listening to a Wisconsin Public Radio call-in show.

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