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Our bodies, other people's bodies. And birthdays!

birthday, children, choice, abortion

Strolling down the street, my daughter was stopped by an abortion protester. “Are you going to the clinic today?” he demanded as he launched his accusatory diatribe.

“Um, actually, I’m going to the art museum,” she answered. “He looked more offended than if I had answered yes to his original question.”

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Friday Morning Music

Huge Beards, Friday Morning Music, Perfectly Good Guitar, Tush, ZZ Top

It's the start of the weekend folks.

So crank-up the volume on the workplace PC for some serious boogie.

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Cheap Date

Archery, Cheap Date, Friends, The Hunger Games

As I've been getting back in my groove my buddy Braumeister and I have gotten back to shooting arrows once a week.

Back in the day we actually had enough people to shoot in a league - but it's gotten harder to come-up with a consistent foursome that can make the time to shoot on a weekly basis.  Sigh.

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What good could come from election recall

recall, Scott Walker, job performace evaluation

The other day was job performance review day for me. Those always come with a bit of trepidation, especially during these times of fewer jobs. No matter how well you think or know you are doing, you also know you’re replaceable.

You have observed that some employers (surely not yours, but other people’s) behave badly during such times. Part of it’s their stress, and part of it’s just that they can.

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Where is the spring prep sports going?

tennis, golf, track, baseball, soccer, softball

In most successful business, you have to look ahead. Recently while working on some scheduling and assignments, I did a double-take. Conference Championships for boys tennis, boys golf and boys and girls track and field begin next week!

It seems like we're just getting into the spring season, but conference championships mean the regular season is over folks.

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Why did the chicken cross 60th Street?

Chicken ordinance, Wauwatosa, Common Council, Eschweiler Buildings

The invisible wall at 60th Street that separates Wauwatosa from, well, That Other Place, has been breached again, raising concerns about the city’s security.

Only this time, it’s a chicken, whose Milwaukee owner or owners were really too “irresponsible” for the privilege of chicken-owning. Probably they were single mothers, too, and we all know that alone is grounds for declaring chicken neglect.

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Friday Morning Music

Critters, Friday Morning Music, Los Lobos, Perfectly Good Guitar, Will The Wolf Survive

It's the start of the weekend.

Time to kick back and relax to this tune by Los Lobos...

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Happy Mother's Day - A Guest Post

Crailsheim Germany, Family, Guest Post, Mother's Day

Mom and dad have been gone for some time. 

I was paging through my dad's memoirs last evening and stumbled upon this oft-told family tale of my arrival into the world.

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Shifting gears on Mother's Day

Mother's Day

The housekeeper at work, a woman about my age, told me about the Mother’s Day feast she was planning for all the young mothers in her family.

"I got me linen and candles and new recipes: 17 ladies coming!" she said. "Those girls, they need someone to look after them." Not all of her guests were the young mothers, of course, but the grandmothers, aunts, and other women who make up the caring village parenting needs. The good fairies who bless and watch over children, no matter whose they are.

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In Defense of Marriage

Bad Legislation, Commitment, Equality, Family, Gays, Lesbians, Marriage

Not too many years ago Jill and I were invited to a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration.  As is the nature of such celebrations; following the feasting and toast-making there is the speechifying. 

Brothers and sisters spoke.  Children spoke.  Small grandchildren spoke.  Friends spoke.  The preacher spoke.  Then the long-married patriarch said a few words.  And last, but not least, the matriarch spoke. 

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Great auction items for a good price - Go fishing with Uecker

The Central 4Ward, a group of supporters of Brookfield Central High School, have developed a 5-year plan to enhance and grow the athletic facilities at the high school. With the first Hall of Fame banquet coming up Saturday, the will be a silent auction to help raise money.

I thought it would be fun to list some of the items - there are some cool things to bid on for a good cause.

  • A once in a lifetime opportunity! Group of four (4) will have the ability to join Milwaukee Brewers Radio Broadcaster, Bob Uecker, on his personal boat and fish on Lake Michigan. Food and beverages will be provided. Date to be mutually agreed upon, but experience cannot take place on a weekend and the Brewers have to be on a homestand. Value: Minimum Bid: $6,000.

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Friday Morning Raggae

Friday Morning Music, I Can See Clearly Now, Jimmy Cliff, Raggae

Start your weekend with this blast from the past.  (Video begins about 28 seconds into the audio)

Jimmy Cliff...

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Gone Fishing

Fishing, Friends, Life Is Good

With all the rancor, finger-pointing, name-calling, pontificating and just plain bad-vibes permeating Wisconsin's atmosphere lately sometimes the best medicine is seeking refuge in a turkey blind or the garden.  Better yet - a boat.  My pal Sid and I hit the bay yesterday seeking walleye.

Like this one.

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Snaky Panky

Critters, Reptile Courtship Rituals, Western Fox Snake

Warning - The following post includes adult content.  Out in the open.  During daylight hours.  If you are offended by such matters read no further.  And please don't pester The Mothership with complaints.

The Western fox snake - Elaphe vulpina vulpinais characterized by large brown, or black blotches along its back along with smaller blotches along on its sides on a beige to yellow background.  The head of an adult is typically a rusty or copper color.  It is a singularly handsome reptile.  Adults can grow to six feet in length.

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Choices, food, and fat

Sports bars, food choices, eating

Sometimes, you just can't avoid cognitive dissonance.

At the Wisconsin Public Health Association meeting in The Dells, we perused the sports bar menu and laughed at our choices. Should we get the deep fried pickles, the deep fried cheese curds, the cheese-n-fat soaked nachos (not the name on the menu), or the sliders with deep fried onion rings and french fries?

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Crime Stoppers Mother's Day Event Wrap Up


On Sunday May 13, 2012 a total of 947 people attended the event and along with pancakes they were served 170 pounds of sausage, 50 gallons of coffee, 11 cases of fresh fruit, 10 gallons of applesauce, 6 cases of chocolate milk, 4 cases of white milk, 10 cases of bottled water, 20 gallons of orange juice, 7 gallons of fruit topping and 500 carnations. Most of the items were donated or sold to the Crime Stoppers at a reduced cost.

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Friday Morning Music

Friday Morning Music, Mayer Hawthorne, The Walk

Find your groove and start the weekend with some sultry, retro music from Mayer Hawthorne...

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Voting and the perpetuation of error

Voting, Wauwatosa, Election to Recall Scott Walker, Cranky Al's, Rocket Baby, Error

When a friend mentioned she'd voted early in the election to recall Scott Walker, I decided to follow in her  footsteps. So Friday I climbed the stairs to the Wauwatosa City Clerk's office, got my ballot and envelope, and completed the line to connect the arrow pointing to my choices.

Which I'm pretty sure were not the choices of the other woman dropping off her absentee ballot while I was there.

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Decoration Day

Family, Memorial Day, Veterans

Memorial Day was officially proclaimed on May 5th, 1868 by National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic - General John Logan. 

It was first observed on May 30th, 1868 with the placement of flowers upon the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.  Over the years this day has changed dates, names and emphases.  For instance, Decoration Day is now Memorial Day.  Admittedly, I'll stretch it a bit today.

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Birds of a Feather

Life In Tosa, House Finch

Every year the asparagus ferns on the hanging baskets come out of their winter storage in the basement and get hung on the porch.  In the fall they go back to their basement hiatus.

Every fall we have to remove the delicately woven cup nest of some house finches from one of the baskets.

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