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West Side Stories

A Tosa resident for almost 20 years, Karen is a mom and freelance writer, addicted to playing tennis. When not on the tennis court, she spends the fall and winter in the stands at Green Bay Packer and Marquette basketball games.

Karen is the author of “Grab a Bite,” a dining out column and the former community columnist for the Wauwatosa NOW newspaper.

Saying So Much With Very Little

Books, Fun, Personal

The other day, I had the good fortune to hear about some new books from two representatives of Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop. If there’s one thing you know about me, it’s that I have an addiction to buying books. It is rare that I will enter a bookstore and leave empty-handed. For me, it is like walking into a kitchen and being faced with freshly baked brownies and cookies. I cannot resist!


Anyway, many good suggestions were made. One in particular made an impression and so I bought it. It’s a small book called Not Quite What I Was Planning. It is, simply, a collection of six-word memoirs. That’s right. I said SIX WORD MEMOIRS. You might be asking yourself, how can this be?


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Time Warner’s Navigator Leaves Me Lost

Things that bug me

I’ve seen this topic on the Town Square a while back, but we’re now facing it head-on in our house. I’m going on record and saying that I really, really, really dislike the new Time Warner “Navigator” on-screen system.


For those of you that don’t have digital cable, Navigator is the on-screen listing and DVR guide that was recently “upgraded.” Prior to this supposed upgrade, our on-screen TV Guide and the DVR Guide worked great. I had no complaints with it at all. A quick internet search yielded no reason for Time Warner to make the change.


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The Scoop on Gelato

Restaurants, Tosa Business

Well, the dessert gods must have been listening to our dear, sweet Maddie. Gelato, my dear, is everywhere lately.


I too have gelato at the top of my Italian memories. One dish, in particular, stands out. It was called “Death by Chocolate” and it was consumed in the beautiful Piazza Navona in Rome. That memory is now filed in my mind as my “happy place.” I visited that happy place several times during our very long, record-breaking winter.


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