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Both Sides of the Fence

A Tosa resident since 1991, Christine walks the dog, cooks but avoids housework, writes and reads, and enjoys the company of friends and strangers. Her job takes her around the state, learning about people's health. A Quaker (no, they don't wear blue hats or sell oatmeal or motor oil), she has been known to stand on both sides of the political and philosophic fence at the same time, which is very uncomfortable when you think about it. She writes about pretty much whatever stops in to visit her busy mind at the moment. One reader described her as "incredibly opinionated but not judgmental." That sounds like a good thing to strive for!

Finally, a solution to e-mail

computers, Fluff, Technology

Overwhelmed with all that e-mail you're getting every day? At last, there's a solution.


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A couple days left for your comments on the County Grounds

County Grounds, economic development, UWM engineering school

If you're one of the people with strong opinions about the UWM engineering campus proposal for the County Grounds in Tosa, you still have a little time to comment. The Milwaukee County Development Committee is accepting written statements from the public until Tuesday, April 7, on the purchase proposal for a big chunk of the northeast quadrant by UWM Innovation Park, LLC. Send your thoughts about the proposed Michael J. Cudahy Innovation Park to:


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Spirits of compromise, bold new ideas

County Grounds, Development, UWM engineering school

Is something new and wonderful happening? Plans coming out of the closet and into the light of day? People meeting, sharing ideas, and considering each other's positions? Improbable, but maybe true.


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Stalking the wild asparagus

County Grounds, Food, UWM engineering school

 I know where the biggest stand of wild asparagus in Wauwatosa is. The spears haven't started peeking up yet, but when they do they will look like this:


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What to wear


Forget the old rules about Easter or the spring equinox as the time to trade in winter clothes for spring. In Wisconsin, you need your Uggs and sweaters into May. So  yesterday’s 80 degrees found me clawing through the dresser drawers desperately seeking things with short sleeves and short legs. If you are no longer young—and even if you are but are also sensible--the first warm day is clothing panic day in Wisconsin.

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If it's an accelerator, it must be good

Wauwatosa, Economy, Development

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