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Real heroes are in the city clerk's office

Politics, Wauwatosa

When I moved into Wauwatosa seventeen years ago, no one came to my door with a welcoming plate of cookies. But neither did a self-appointed guardian of liberty come demanding to verify my personal information against the voter registration records.

 I’d have liked the neighborliness, but if I had to choose one or the other, I’d choose respect for privacy.

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The Garden Chronicles


It is November and believe it or not one of the last crops harvested was a late season planting of radishes.

French breakfast radishes to be sure.

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State of the Election Part II - Predictions - Socialist Attempt at a Trifecta

Before my predictions: I Just want to mention one additional thing about Mr. His Majesty King and Leader Barry H.Obama. Today he mentioned during his hopeful unity rally that he would like to destroy the American Coal Industry and assist in helping it go bankrupt when he is President - He wants to destroy an economy huge for Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Ohio.  Watch this gaffe cost him BIG TIME ! ....."that one" wants to start ripping up our already fragile economy.   Resist these attacks on our economy. Vote for protection, security and steadiness - MCCAIN !


McCain wins in a squeaker - he will surprise NBC/CBS/CNN/USSR & ABC by winning NC, MO, FL, OH, VA, IN, CO & NV - Will probably loose PA (watch for the TV Guru's to potentially call the election at this point for Obama) . This prediction is based on the tracking polls showing McCain gaining or tied in each.
Obama will loose because of today's gaffe and the fact 7 - 9% of Indep. & Undec. Voters will heavily sway to McCain giving him small margin wins in all of the key battleground states.  It will not give him enough to win Wisconsin but still may give him enough to pull a surprise upset in Minnesota where latest tracking shows McCain only several points behind Obama.   There is a strong chance McCain wins the Electoral Vote and loses the Popular Vote.  If this happens watch the Dems scream bloody murder !

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Road Trip - Daily Updates

Firearms, Friends, Hunt'n, Outdoors

By the time this blog post is published I will be on the road and heading west for South Dakota.

Crammed into my GMC will be three middle-aged hunting and fishing buddies, two hunting dogs, six guns, enough ammo to overthrow a small banana republic, boots, blaze, dog chow, groceries, several cases of beer, a lap top, a couple of gallons of venison chili, some fine sipping whiskey, and my last two jars of garden salsa. 

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Getting on with it

It's not easy, Politics

At last I get to write something I actually know about: surviving disappointment -- and joy -- and getting on with the business of life. I don't know how long this period of euphoria or grief will last following the presidential election, but I know that it too shall pass.

I have a lot more experience with having my candidate lose than most of my McCain supporter friends do. So I offer some small advice for surviving the next weeks and months.

Erase the last robocall from last night that's sitting on your answering machine. It's warning you to keep the Democrats from stealing the election. They didn't steal it; it wasn't the Republican's to begin with. It was everybody's.

Get outside and rake leaves. It's warm today but it won't be tomorrow.

Don't listen to talk radio, watch television news, or follow Internet twitter. Steeping yourself in the insane and repetitious postmortems by either side will make your blood pressure soar and your head might explode. Especially don't listen to Chris Matthews, but you already knew that.

Do listen to music, but pick carefully. Heavy metal and dirges are out. If you must mourn, listen to country western and remember that our personal stories matter more, most of the time, than the big abstract ones. Listen to classical music to elevate your mind and spirit, and make sure to include a healthy dose of Aaron Copeland. Better yet, plunge into world music. You can't be miserable listening to salsa--and you really can't be miserable dancing to it. We who are dancing badly too promise not to laugh.

Make a delicious meal and share it with a friend who's suffering from campaign fever. If alcohol is not a problem and driving is not involved, you may want to be generous in this area. Light candles, use your good linens, and give thanks for the bounty with which we are blessed today and likely will still be blessed tomorrow.

Send cards of appreciation to pollworkers and folks in the city clerks office, especially if you have been involved in pestering them.

Remember that both candidates are human, neither as good as we hope nor as bad as we fear. An old method for putting people in a human perspective is to visualize naked those you have unduly elevated with fear or admiration. I know some of you have been doing this with the vice presidential candidates, although possibly for different reasons. Personally, I find it edifying to consider the presidential candidates in this way. . .

The Wiz at DSHA!

Fun, Kids, Theater

Would you like to go to see live theater this weekend, but have a limited budget? Here’s an idea: Go see the Divine Savior Holy Angels production of “The Wiz”! It’s family fun that’s truly affordable!


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The Giant Conundrum

Gas Pains, Personal, Strange But True

As I write this post I am looking across the top of my desk at a box. 

The box is approximately the length of the desk but annoyingly taller than the desk's surface.  It is almost a foot and a half deep and even though it is jammed-up tight against the desk it crowds the doorway.

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Movin on UP

to the Village!!  To that deluxe apartment in the Village.

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Bailout for the post-election comedy deficit

Fluff, Politics

After years of giddy humor brought on by easy targets in the White House and on the campaign trail, the inflated political comedy bubble burst on November 5, 2008.

What will we do for amusement now that Sarah Palin has been released back into the wilds of Alaska?

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Some Time Today Take a Moment to...


...thank a veteran for their service.  It is Veterans Day after all.

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Presidential 2008 Election Wrap-Up !

Bottom Line - over 75% my election predictions were incorrect ! Sorry, that sucked ! Usually I am much more on the ball.  I am usually hitting over 75% of the elections correctly.  I guess I will blame it on my disbelief in the polls.  

The one I hit on the head was the US House of Representatives where the GOP picked up a flurry of seats to hold the Dems just slightly better than a 250 majority going into the next Congress.

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No TV Dinners, Please

Restaurants, Things that bug me

If you know me (and most of you don’t), there are two things you know: 1) I love TV. I watch a lot of it. More than I should, but at this age, some things won’t change. Unlike Tom Gaertner, I have cable and lot of it. 2) I’m easily distracted. I probably can’t walk and chew gum. If you’re talking to me and have some spinach in your teeth, I will not hear a word you’re saying. (Primarily because I will be having an internal argument with myself about whether or not to tell you.)


Sorry, I digressed. The point of this post is to talk about what is, to me, an annoying trend – televisions in restaurants. I eat out a fair amount and there seem to be many restaurants in Tosa that have giant televisions for all to view. This is really starting to bug me.


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Bleak Holiday Forecast? Not at Mayfair!

Christmas, Mayfair, Tosa Business

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and it could have been just THE thing to do on a chilly, gloomy Saturday, but based on my visit to Mayfair yesterday, the economy is going to recover just fine, thank you.


My daughter and I headed over to visit Tosa’s largest taxpayer in search of a black dress. We had all day and figured we’d have the place largely to ourselves. Um, no. The mall was packed. Honestly, you’d think it was mid-December a decade ago.


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Must be that time of the market. . .

Economy, Wauwatosa

I’m playing with a new theory: one of the reasons Wauwatosa is such a sound and stable community is that for years now, it’s had a woman at the helm.

I can probably get put in jail for even suggesting that it’s men, mainly, who have gotten us into the pickles we’re in. So arrest me, but who usually makes (and unmakes) the rules, orders the troops, puts together the mortgage bundles and the deals, grows bald early trading on the market floors, collects the obscene bonuses, and floats gently on golden parachutes?

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Justice Chalkboard

Ok, the election break is over.  Time to get to the next election, take a deep breath......wait don't click out yet.

There are some important upcoming elections that already are taking shape and we have heard some early news already.

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Waukesha's waste wends Wauwatosa way

Environment, Waukesha, Wauwatosa

Waukesha has bad water problems. It’s likely that they will soon be using Lake Michigan water. But now we learn that the city has unilaterally decided to send its wastewater—treated, whatever that means—back to the mother lake through Underwood Creek. Which happens to run practically through my back yard.You can read about it here.

Now, Underwood Creek is not a pristine tributary. When we moved here 17 years ago, there were crawfish in the concrete-lined creek, but they’ve been gone a long time. It smells bad sometimes in summer, and I’m glad my house is high enough to rise above the stench.

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The Tiny Trouble With Tosa

Nature, Things that bug me, Traffic, Weather

The other night, during the Winter 2008-2009 Inaugural Traffic Snarl, I was bluntly reminded of one of the very few issues I have with Wauwatosa.


You see, as I’ve said here, many times, I’m a Tosa Enthusiast. I love all things Tosa, except for this. What’s the problem, you ask? Well, Tosa during a snowstorm can be like Mt. Everest – pretty to look at but tough to summit.


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Always thankful

Beauty, Spirituality, Thanksgiving, Walking the dog

One by one, my children are coming home for Thanksgiving. Tonight Annie flies home from Colorado, tomorrow Liz comes from Stevens Point, and Wednesday George makes the hop from Madison.

Nature has flocked the world for their homecoming. Which is a good thing, as I'm decorating-challenged. Liz always says "More cleaning, less cooking, Mom." But I can't resist the call to roast vegetables and whirl them into thick soups speckled with rosemary needles, to grind together pecans and bittersweet chocolate and cinnamon for a dark and heavy cake, to peel oranges and make red cabbage salads. 

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A Touch of Snarky Gratitude


During this Thanksgiving weekend, we all have much for which we should be thankful...and I am! But just for fun, I thought I’d share with you my tongue-in-cheek list of blessings:


I’m thankful for e-mail spam. How else would I find out about the wonder of the Acai Berry, Rachael Ray’s latest diet or the many overseas messages that begin: “My dear friend…”?


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Last chance to see America the Beautiful?

Beauty, Wauwatosa

 No, this isn't another dire prediction of the end of life as we know it. Though there is a bit of wishful thinking that the beauty industry might come crashing down like so many  financial and other fantasy-based businesses are these days.

America the Beautiful is a must-see documentary  for women, daughters, and the men who like us and are bewildered about why we have such distorted notions about ourselves. As one young man who saw the film's Wisconsin premiere Tuesday night at the Times asked director Darryl Roberts, "Why can't I convince all the beautiful girls in my high school classes that they aren't ugly?" That's a question many of us have asked about others, if not ourselves.

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