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Underwood Notes

Allison grew up on the east side of Wauwatosa, and now is a music teacher who lives on the west side of Tosa with her husband Nick. She enjoys working with a couple local non-profits, playing out with her wind quintet, listening to live music, attending arts events, baking, cycling, and wine.

I'm Dreaming of a Construction-Less Christmas...


If there was a gift I could ask for, regarding our town, it certainly would be to go a day without a new traffic pattern, being caught behind a bulldozer or other construction equipment, or even just waiting in construction traffic. Wouldn't that feel like a holiday.

In any event, I'm grateful to be able to spend the holidays in Tosa, with both my family and the in-laws (as well as with some great families who don't have the luxury of going home but rather are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Tosa!). It is my hope that all of the rest of you enjoy a very blessed holiday season.

P.S. Be careful when driving around through that construction. The holidays bring lots of out-of-towners who know even less about what's going on that we do! :-)

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