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Poster Child

Kelsey McLennon has lived in Wauwatosa with her two siblings and parents for her entire life. When not busy with school, she enjoys dancing, running, and spending time with friends. She is a sophomore at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, where she is involved in track, cross country, Latin club, and Irish club.

Dressing Up


One of my favorite things to do is dress up. Not dress up in dresses with fancy makeup and high heels… although that can be fun too. I’d just prefer to substitute the heels for neon Nikes, the dress for some outrageous theme costume, and the makeup for lots and lots of glitter.

Last month, for example, my friends and I went to a Christmas-themed dance. I’m the first to admit that I think that this kind of dance, during which we wore ugly Christmas sweater vests, Santa hats, and again lots and lots of glitter, is much more fun than any formal dance like homecoming or even prom.

I like dressing up in this way because there is no pressure, it’s just totally fun. It’s about being able to make something yourself, not just about who can find the best dress. There is more planning that goes into it, but this type of planning isn’t stressful at all, it’s merely fun.

The costume box my family has had in the attic since I-don’t-even-know-when supplies a lot of the dressing up necessities, but for what I can’t find there I always head to Bartz’s great store in Tosa. I love Bartz’s! If you have time to look around the store there is a ton of hilarious and awesome stuff. My friends and I bought some gold two-inch fake eyelashes on our last visit, and even though we are still looking for an opportunity to wear them, I am glad that we found them. College interviews?

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