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West Side Stories

A Tosa resident for almost 20 years, Karen is a mom and freelance writer, addicted to playing tennis. When not on the tennis court, she spends the fall and winter in the stands at Green Bay Packer and Marquette basketball games.

Karen is the author of “Grab a Bite,” a dining out column and the former community columnist for the Wauwatosa NOW newspaper.

The Super Sell of the Super Bowl

Things that bug me, TV

Ah, the drama, the excess, the pomp, the circumstance, the hours of “filler” – yes, I’m talking about the Super Bowl. Like millions, I watched it. Unlike many, I tuned in literally minutes before kickoff. (We were enjoying the Nadal-Federer Australian Open Tennis Final.)


So, since I’m battling a bit of writer’s block, I figured I may as well share my not-so-super thoughts on the “big game”:


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Converting the Masses

Things that bug me

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. I’m talking about the national conversion to digital TV. It was supposed to happen on February 17th, but now it will be delayed until June 12th. They can keep stalling, but this is still going to happen: (Click here.) 
In my opinion, there’s really no point in holding off. Like everything else, you can explain it until you’re blue in the face and some people will just never understand until they have to.
What about you, are you analog or digital?

Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn, Oh My!

The Online World

I have found my friends and family in the most unlikely places lately – for instance on Facebook. People who seem so, um…analog…are throwing in the towel and joining the likes of me in the digital age. Heck, it’s a certified trend as evidenced by this article in a recent issue of Time Magazine.


Here in our house we are all Facebook regulars. My kids, of course, were first to climb on board. I ended up there accidentally, intending just to peek in and have a look around. My husband was last. It was a birthday present from us – a Facebook account – and although reluctant, he’s starting to find his share of friends and classmates and I know he checks in daily.


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What I've Learned from The Internet

The Online World

I spend more than my fair share of time on the internet. I do not take great pride in this fact, and yet, I’d like to think there has been some benefit. And so, without further adieu, I present to you some of the things that I’ve learned from the internet:


There is some connection between Oprah and weight loss (Acai Berries!), which is ironic, because they seem a little contradictory.


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Making Music (and More) in Record Time

Fun, Kids, The Online World, Tosans

This week, in dorm rooms and college apartments and basements and all across the world, really, music (and more) is being made in record time. Four years ago, two industrious (and perhaps a little bored?) college students created a challenge for themselves and their friends: Make a record in exactly one week. That’s right, one week to create a concept, write songs and record an album. These students have done this four years in a row and the results have been impressive. 

Record Time IV started Monday, February 23rd at 12:00 am. It will end on March 1st at 11:55 pm. There is a Facebook Group of approximately 64 people who will try and take on the challenge. Some will make records, others will write poetry and still others will create videos. The point isn’t perfection, but rather accomplishment.  

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Lent, The A-Word and the Big Smudge

Community, Kids, Religion, Reminiscing

I’m not usually one to wear my religion on my sleeve. However, today, Ash Wednesday, like many others, I’m wearing it on my head. Because of this, I couldn’t resist writing a blogpost with some random faith-based thoughts.


When my daughter was in First Grade at Christ King School, she came home one day bursting with newly-acquired information about Lent.


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The Twicks and Twials of Twitter

The Online World

As I’ve mentioned recently, social networking is all the rage on the internet lately. In fact, one of the most talked-about (perhaps “tweeted” would be the better word) social networking sites is Twitter.  

After writing a post about Facebook and Twitter, I couldn’t resist. I’m well-invested in Facebook, but Twitter was an entirely new animal to me. And so, I jumped in, signed up and “tweeted.”


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