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Poster Child

Kelsey McLennon has lived in Wauwatosa with her two siblings and parents for her entire life. When not busy with school, she enjoys dancing, running, and spending time with friends. She is a sophomore at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, where she is involved in track, cross country, Latin club, and Irish club.

Summer Bummer

After the number of hours I’ve spent sitting in Starbucks this summer, feeling the warmth of any sun would be a relief. Unfortunately, though, I’m still stuck inside reading The Warmth of Other Suns as required summer reading for school. 

I’m sure that this 550-page non-fiction book is really interesting to some people, (like the people who give national book awards) but for the average citizen/ high school student it is a little too historical and a lot too long for a summer reading book. The only way that I think it would be okay to have a book this long for summer reading would be if it were Harry Potter.

Now I know that this is all part of my school’s evil plot to educate us and help us to be prepared for college and all that stuff, but it would be nice if they could let up just a little bit. I mean, we already start school two weeks earlier than everyone else, so summer reading that cuts off at least another week of summer fun is just not my cup of tea.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I love my school (I’m really looking forward to senior year!) but at other times just a little bit of venting is necessary.

100 pages and two more Ventis to go!

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