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Gas Pains

Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

So Tom - What's with the Girlfriend?

Family, Gas Pains, Girlfriend, Strange But True


There seems to be some confusion.

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Tosa Mayoral Campaign - A Small Bunch of Disclosures

Gas Pains, Personal, Politics-Other, Politics-Tosa, Public Policy

A recent commentator to this blog quite reasonably suggested the following:

It will be interesting how TTS fits in the race since its a mix of people like me....don't know these people and those who are personal friends of a particular candidate.  I kind of think that such things should be declared so people know what context the cheap shot or rousing praise comes from.

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Exorcising the Winter Blues - Part 1 - Answers

Just For Fun, Outdoors

Tiring of the snowy weather?

Grumbling about the heating bills? 

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More Foot Dragging on the Fire Station - Ald. Donegan Strikes Back!

Politics-Tosa, Public Policy

Comments below and visit the TTS for more. 

What's with the Tosa Council members that don't want to put this matter of replacing Station 1 before the voters in April?

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Tree Farmers, Americans for Prosperity, Carbon Credits - AND a Mayoral Candidate? Yikes!

Conservation, Economics, Forestry, Politics-Other, Politics-Tosa, Public Policy

This past Saturday hundreds of woodland owners from southeast Wisconsin gathered at the Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center for what we figure might have been our 30th or so winter conference.  Inasmuch as it's the second largest woodland owner gathering in the state you'd think they'd keep better track of how many times they've done this.

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Exorcising the Winter Blues - Part 2 - Answers

Guess the critter, Just For Fun, Outdoors

Hope you're having a terrific week.

It is still winter but spring is not too far-off.

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Tosan Building Subsidized Housing

Conservation, Gas Pains, Just For Fun, Outdoors, Personal

It has been reported that a local man has begun building no-income housing within the city limits and without the prior knowledge or approval of city officials.

Exactly how this has escaped the scrutiny of the authorities is unclear.

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A Texas Spin on the Tosa Mayoral Campaign

Friends, Gas Pains, Politics-Tosa, Rubbish

This post comes to you remotely from somewhere in the Republic of Texas where I have been enjoying a brief vacation followed-on by day-job business. 

Last evening I read an on-line press release of sorts that was published in WauwatosaNOW.

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Exorcising the Winter Blues - Part 3 - Answers Posted

Just For Fun, Outdoors

Spring is just around the corner.

This week's puzzle includes native flowers.

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Guess the Critter

Girlfriend, Guess the critter, Just For Fun, Outdoors

Girlfriend and I went for a walk in the woods today.

Who can tell me what critter did this?

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Tosa Trivia and the Mayoral Race - Winner!

Friends, Go - Pack, Just For Fun, Politics-Tosa, Strange But True, Tosa Trivia

For details on the winning submission go to the bottom of the post-

Before you get your undies in a knot thinking I am pandering with another acid witticism in the title of this post -

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Scoring the Tosa Mayoral Debates

Gas Pains, Just For Fun, Politics-Tosa, Public Policy


I have been to a couple of the Tosa mayoral candidate forums and it is time to unveil the -

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