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The Frugal Gardener

I'm a Tosa resident and gardener for 40 years who loves to save money. I'm the daughter of Maryalice Koehne, an award- winning garden writer. Gardening is holistic and can be inexpensive, let me tell you the deals I've found.

Holiday Decorating With Items From Your Garden

Happy Holidays,

This is the time of year that people are decorating their homes inside and out.  I like to take items from my garden for use in decorations.  I particularly like the effect for wreaths and garlands.

Hydrandeas and ornamental grass tassles work really well.  I spray paint my hydrangeas gold or silver and stick them  and the grassesin the garland that adorns my front door. 

Look around your garden or local parks  for items such as seed pods and cattails that you could use for decorations.

Take a look at these ideas:


Grass tassles:

Added later:  Yes, Gas Pains red dogwood are great for holiday decorating too.  I used to cut branches for my front pots when we went to cut down our Christmas tree.  Most people don't have enough in their yards our can't find enough locally to use and that is probably why Sendiks and other places can sell them for such high prices.

The tassles from the grasses look great with dried hydrandeas in garland swags around doorways.

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