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Write of Passage

Maureen Connors Badding arrived in Wauwatosa 22 years ago via Buffalo and Phoenix. She's a freelance writer and habitual volunteer who enjoys book clubs, travel, entertaining and cheering for her daughter's swim team.

Invisibility: Pros & Cons

invisibility, civility, blogging

While running errands not too long ago, I had the pleasure of listening to a repeat episode of NPR’s “This American Life” in which John (“I’m a PC”) Hodgman asks the age-old question: Which superpower would you rather have, flight or invisibility? What seems like an innocuous question becomes humorous in the hands of the deadpan Hodgman and his interviewees, who take the question with utmost seriousness.

For me, the choice is simple; flight is by far the more desirable superpower. I’d save time not waiting in traffic, save money on airfare, save wear and tear on my car and my reconstructed ankle. Getting into movies for free because I’m invisible doesn’t hold nearly as much appeal to me.

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