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Write of Passage

Maureen Connors Badding arrived in Wauwatosa 22 years ago via Buffalo and Phoenix. She's a freelance writer and habitual volunteer who enjoys book clubs, travel, entertaining and cheering for her daughter's swim team.

Ray's of Illumination on North Avenue

Over the past couple of years of blogging, I’ve mentioned my favorite “gems” on North Avenue — including The Rosebud, Cranky Al’s and Ted’s — and how fortunate we are to have them within walking distance. Lately I’ve been venturing further west to Ray’s Wine & Spirits and have discovered a long-overdue addition to my list of gems.

Before you the wrong idea about my drinking habits, let me explain. A couple of years ago, my highly social neighborhood association started a wine-tasting club, and my husband and I discovered at the first monthly meeting that we had very uneducated palates. That prompted a tour of Sonoma Valley last year and turned us into wanna-be oenophiles.  

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