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The Frugal Gardener

I'm a Tosa resident and gardener for 40 years who loves to save money. I'm the daughter of Maryalice Koehne, an award- winning garden writer. Gardening is holistic and can be inexpensive, let me tell you the deals I've found.

Greetings from FG on a Snowy Fall-like Spring Day

Good Morning Friends in Gardening Frugally,

Upside to the snow:  I can see the cardinals better from the windows. 

Downside to the snow:  My dogs paws are a snowy-muddy-dog doodooy mess!

I have trained them to wipe their feet, which is great as then they don't track prints on my newly stripped and resealed 18 year old linoleum kitchen floor that looks almost new.  If you ignore the dark cracks or cuts from use!

I wanted to share this tip with you as it has a Tosa connection

Our dear neighbor Lisa Vander Geeten, sent me this link to the WSCD film premier that includes one of my favorite restaurants in Milwaukee!!!
Outstanding food and drinks.  You can pop in for appetizers and a drink before going to another venue as the portions are huge!
Jackson Grill is located on Mitchell Ave, south of 43rd (Miller Stadium).  The also have a wonderful patio with an outdoor pizza oven.
Peace, Love and Milwaukee Treasures,
Sarah Irene

As for gardening tips, get out and rake the dead and deritus out of your flower beds, apply Preen and weed  early growth weeds.  Preen is pre-emergent weed control so make sure you get the roots of the weeds that you pull.  If you don't want annuals or biennials to reseed in you beds, mulch early or simply take some of last years mulch and spread it back on leaving a covered bed!

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