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Garys Corner of Tosa

Since moving to the 4th district in 1998 my wife and I have witnessed many big changes in our neighborhood. More big changes loom over us and I will be writing about them here.

Grede foundry continues to spill so hold your breath Tosa

Yes hold your breath neighbors Grede Liberty foundry leaks and spills are blowing in the wind yes still.  What's new your asking?  Well I do have a new video on Youtube for you all to see at

Later today I hope to have another in place.  What's new what's new?  Well a lots been going on and a lot hasn't.  Derse's building on Martin Drive across the street from our house is still not been razed to make way for the new luxury apartment complex.  That's OK with me though.  The longer it sits there the longer we will be able to see the sky to our south.  Once the 4 story building goes up it will block our view of the southern sky.

From what I know the construction is almost a year behind.  I did find that the WDNR has the Derse property to our south listed as a brown field just like Daivid Israels property to our West.  I have to wonder did the WDNR and the city of Wauwatosa screw up?  After the old Western Industries factory was razed the WDNR and the City of Wauwatosa did not ask David Israel to remove the estimated 1500 tons of contaminated soil.  The WDNR told me that the polluted soil was "not" to be exposed to the rain.  Did the rain fall since 2006 cause Westerns ground pollution to spread in all directions?

One thing I worry about is during the demolition of the Derse building will they wet down the dust?  I worry because it wasn't done when Western Industries was razed. 

Lets see what else has been going on near my corner?  I suppose I could bring up the vehicles parking around here leaving behind beer, and wine bottles.  Or even the underwear left on the side walk.  Should I bring up the recent teenagers who were parked here where the young guy with no shirt, and with his pants open walking out into the brown field twice in 40 degree temperatures?  Yeah I called the police on you dude.  And for the mom of the young woman who had to come pick up her daughter believe what was reported to the police.  I won't be putting any of that on Youtube!

I did put on Youtube a video of another foundry sand geyser on Grede foundries roof top.  Yes you have to see it to believe it.  And sorry for the side ways view of it.  I tried to correct it but couldn't.  The air pollution was bad enough that morning I drove my wife to work instead of her being exposed waiting for the bus.  That's how I spotted the sand geyser.

I whipped out my new cell phone with its super dupper built in video camera.  I parked across the street from Grede beeping trying to get a truck drivers attention but he ignored my hand waving and pointing.   The truck in the Grede loading dock area was pumping dry foundry sand from the truck, up a pipe 2 stories or more high onto the roof where it enters a storage container.  The sand had "again" worn through the metal pipe and create the sand geyser.  I could see the smallest particles blowing higher and being blown away toward the North East.

The following is an email from the EPA to the WDNR in regards to the video.  Nothing results making us safe from more spills like this.

----- Forwarded by George Bollweg/R5/US EPA/US on 11/16/2010 09:08 AM -----


"Griffin, Mike P - WDNR" <>


George Bollweg/R5/USEPA/US@EPA


11/15/2010 04:30 PM


RE: G. Kandziora U-tube "sand geyser" video


Hi George,
Thank you for the email and connection to the u-tube video. I did receive a notification from the foundry of an upset condition where the delivery piping to the sigma sand silo had a leak. The Department recognizes malfunctions occur within industry and does request a Malfunction, Prevention and Abatement Plan be on file and to be followed during malfunctions. In this instance, the foundry does have a plan that addresses this situation. The facility notified the department, the foundry stated the truck driver stopped the delivery. All shipments were halted until the piping could be completely replaced. Sand is very abrasive requiring frequent replacement of the piping.

The U-tube does appear to provide a bit more insight on this situation. Truck drivers are required to monitor their delivery and stop shipment if and when a leak is identified. From the angle of this video, it does not appear that the truck driver could see the discharge from his cab. After the person calls and informs the truck driver does the sand delivery stop. You can hear a horn blowing in the video but I don't know what this was meant to do?

Opacity violations are not made based on video as they may not follow the methodology in US EPA Method 9. We must be there in person to document the observations and for a total of 18 minutes. (Compliance is based on 3 - 6 minute averages with respect to a 20 % opacity limit.)

If you wish to discuss this in further detail, feel free to contact me at the numbers below.


Mike Griffin   P.E.

PFC. (414) 263-8554
CELL (414) 750-0737


From: []
Monday, November 15, 2010 3:19 PM
Griffin, Mike P - WDNR
G. Kandziora U-tube "sand geyser" video

Hi Mike - I'm no expert at enforcement, but I watched the video showing sand (I think) shooting into the air in the October 23, 2010 Gary Kandziora video (shown sideways) at .  Are the opacity rules relevant to this?  Gary says this is the third time he's seen it, and he thinks it happens when he doesn't see it, given the sand visible he claims is visible on Grede's roof in aerial photos.  I'll give you a call about this.   thanks, George B.  (312-353-5598)



 A few months ago I turned over to the EPA copies of petitions, WDNR emails, and other documents giving my reasons for asking for the EPA to take charge of investigating the foundry instead of the WDNR.  The EPA administrator of Region 5 in Chicago did only one thing, and that was to turn the matter over to the WDNR?  It was as if they didn't even read my complaint! 

I had asked Senator Herb Kohl's office for help in the matter, and so far all they've done is deliver my mail to the EPA.  What I did get from Herb Kohl's office from an aid was over the phone in the form of a hushed whispered short to the point's the jobs.  I was angry of course.  Our health....our very lives are being traded for jobs.  I'm not the only one who wants the foundry to go.  I've written before reminding folks that years ago the City of Wauwatosa created a redevelopment district in which the Grede Liberty foundry is located.  That was before I even lived here I'd like to add.


Monday the 15th of Nov. a Grede foundry flat bed truck which travels to and from a warehouse on 62nd street to a back door had a spill of its own.  The truck ladened with huge bags of foundry materials in this case a fine dry black powder had one bag fall from the truck.  Luckily it didn't happen on 62nd street or on the side walk, but it did happen in the alley.  I spotted a fork truck trying to right the container while powder spilled from its top.  I waited for someone to come and clean it but no one did.  I walked over to the location and video recorded the spill close up.  As I did the truck offending truck pasted by me riding over the spill for the 3rd time.  That's when I called the WDNR to report the spill.  A short time later men came out to clean the spill.  I did notice that the fork truck operator and the truck driver both wore respirators.  Even in the truck cab the driver has been wearing his mask to protect him from the foundries pollution.  Grede should be supplying all of its neighbors with respirators.


A suggestion has come up among some neighbors that Grede should pay to insulate our homes to protect us from the repeated night and day constant loud drum of the foundries operation.  Milwaukee County did it to protect people from the Mitchell Field air port noise.  That's something to think about folks.  And what's the pollution doing to our properties.  I'm talking about your vehicles and homes.


And what do you folks think of the name for a new group Tosa Neighbors against Grede Foundry Pollution?  Is it too long?  Or how about Neighborhoods against Grede foundry?


What else has happened Gary you ask, well I'll tell you hold on.  Jeez hold your horses.  Well there's the vehicles parking in the area leaving behind beer and wine bottles, underwear on the side walk, and cars parking in the dark.

Just the other night I saw such a car I guess around 11pm?  Coming from the passenger side of VW a male teen gets out with no shirt, his pants open and walks out into the dark of David Israels Brown Field in temperatures below 50 degrees.  I fumble around for my phone and five minutes later there he is again getting out of the car and heading in the same direction again.

The police arrive, clothes go on, a teenage female comes from the car waiving her hands around as if explaining something.  She makes a cell phone call, minutes later Mom arrives.  Mom I hope you believe the call made to the police. 


This afternoon I had to break away from writing this.  A window installer was here finishing up his work and I had to be outside for a moment.  I saw something unusual down the street.  Next to the vacant Derse exhibits building was a young teenage female pacing along the vacant building and opposite her on the other side of the street was a dark car with the gold municipal license plate.  I watched to make sure everything was OK.  Soon the car did a u turn and drove away.  The young girl makes for a fence surrounding the Reserve Apartment complex on 62nd street.  She climbs up standing on the fence she jumped and disappeared.

Disappeared until the window installer and I saw her and a teenage boy on Derse Exhibits roof top.  Minutes later they were leaving Derse's property through an unlocked gate and headed North on Martha Washington Ave.  The police caught up to them at 68th and Vilet.

I don't know why they were up there, but I wonder if they used the power poles with the huge transformers near to where the girl climbed the fence.

Before David Israel had Western Metals razed teenage boys began climbing on to the factories roofs in the dark of night.  Either it was sport or they were peeping Toms watching a young single women next door in the upper duplex.

Here's a warning regarding factory roofs.  I remember maybe 10 years ago or so a teenage graffiti artist fell threw a factory roof.  He laid dieing as police tried to find him.  His friend called 911 but gave police a poor set of directions and the boy died....alone.

People have to get involved.  I don't know who was driving that city vehicle or even what city he worked for, but he should have asked himself what that 15 year old girl was doing hanging around a vacant building.  He should have at least called the police about something suspicious.  Instead he just drove away.

I'd rather be safe then sorry.  I couldn't forgive myself if something happened.  I'm not trying to make friends with these kids.  But as adults we have be adult for them and act our age.   No one can guess what's going on in a car parked in the dark between a vacant building and a vacant lot.  You have to ask your self what's the right thing to do.  Adults should get involved more.  Today I saw something unusual and minutes later kids are on a factory roof.  You just don't know.  Police are there to do good, lets help them prevent trouble.  Keep an eye on your streets.


I'm Gary Kandziora, this is my corner of Tosa, and my eyes are wide open.  Parents do you know where your children were today?



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