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Whine and Cheese

Doug has been a Tosa resident for over 20 years and loves his Olde Hillcrest neighborhood. He enjoys reading, riding his Harley and making his wonderful wife and three kids laugh.

Only read this if you have kids or know someone who does

Seriously, folks- on Tuesday November 27 from 7-8 PM the Wauwatosa East PTA is presenting a program to help educate parents and community members about the dangers of substance abuse among students.

It's easy to think "not my kid"- and if you are lucky maybe it isn't, but I think as parents we could all benefit from a little "reality check" as to what going on at the middle and high schools.

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Sad day at the Sprague house

Had a kind of rough day yesterday. Not because all the leaves that have yet to be picked up blew back onto my lawn but because I did what many of you my age probably did years ago. I threw out my album collection.

For the young readers out there, albums are what music artists use to put their material on. A musician or singer would put together a dozen or so songs and release it to the public. You would go to the "record store"(remember "Peaches" and "1812 Overture"?) and plop down $7.98 for a piece of vinyl inside a cool cardboard cover and go home and listen to it. For about 22 minutes, that is, then you would have to get up to turn it over and listen to the other side. This is how we got our exercise in the 70's.

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