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Whine and Cheese

Doug has been a Tosa resident for over 20 years and loves his Olde Hillcrest neighborhood. He enjoys reading, riding his Harley and making his wonderful wife and three kids laugh.

for music lovers only

Want to brighten your day and freshen up your song selection on your iPod?

Here are five songs I am willing to bet you don't have as part of your collection and I will almost guarantee you will enjoy.  If they are part of your collection I congratulate you on your fine taste! If not, check out a sample on iTunes or amazon.

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Gee Wiz(ard)

Had a chance to see the Tosa East Players production of "The Wizard of Oz" last night and I can tell you whether or not you have a brain, a heart or the courage to attend this show you should grab a friend, relative or neighbor and check it out. Congratulations to all cast, crew and orchestra members who make this "high flying" musical a treat for all ages.

I sat in amazement watching this show trying to comprehend all the effort that went into the sets, dancing, singing and production. These students really outdid themselves and can be proud of the memories they have created for the audience and each other. Bravo! 

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