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Garys Corner of Tosa

Since moving to the 4th district in 1998 my wife and I have witnessed many big changes in our neighborhood. More big changes loom over us and I will be writing about them here.

My blog isn't just for the birds.

I know I'm hard on Grede Liberty foundry pollution, so I'll begin with something new.  Have you noticed we have more blue jays this year.  So many died from the West Nile disease you know just like the crows did.  The cashiers at Pick 'n Save must wonder why I buy large bags of bulk peanuts.  They are for the birds of course.

We've been lucky to see a momma deer and her 2 fawns over in the vacant lot next door. You know the one I've written about it before.  Yeah you do.  It's the vacant lot owned by David Israel.  Yes the contaminated Brownfield East of Sentry right next to Walgreens.  Yep the one West of where Derse is going to build that 4 story apartment complex.  You might not remember it's contaminated with a little Arsenic, and Chlorinated Solvent PCE, TCE, DCE, and VC.  About 1500 tons of contaminated soil and ground water.

I quess everyone involved is too busy to do the remediation cause it's still there with dust blowing from it and all.  And now for some reason when the rainwater ponds dry up a red coating is left behind.  I don't know what it is?  Could it be the contamination getting to the surface?  Or Iron particulate from the foundry?  Maybe it's the new product the foundry is spraying from its roof top and a stack? 

Yes folks Grede Holdings and the Liberty Plant are proud to bring you a new product its called Chem Treat CT 9100.  Yes folks now you can not only enjoy the trerrible stank of air pollution but you can now smell CT 9100 a new product to foul the air with the smell of a deodorizer.  Yes for your breathing pleasure Grede Liberty foundry is now mixing for your pleasure a deodorizer in with the original scented iron foundry stank.

To celebrate I did a couple of of new videos I hope you will watch.  I've been a busy little guy lately working to stop the pollution from the foundry and the David Israel contaminated Brownfield with its Chlorinated Solvent and stuff.  Enjoy. Your friend and neighbor Gary

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