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Learning the Curve

A military brat, Robyn found home sweet home here in Wauwatosa. Moving here in 1989, "just till the kids get settled," she found the Milwaukee area hard to leave and a great place to put down roots. Join her as she tries to handle and make sense of whatever curves life decides to throw.

Oscar Worthy

Every year my husband and I try to see most of the movies that are nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards and guess the winner.  This year, with 10 nominated - not so much!   I've read the reasons why they expanded the field  and the only one that seems to recur is that they don't want "good little movies" overlooked.  Okay, I'll go with that.  But doesn't having ten instead of five somewhat dilute the votes?  And having a money-making behemoth like "Avatar" on the list probably puts many "little movies" in the shade. 

Which of the 10 is an overlooked "good little movie"?  "An Education" might fall in that category as hardly anyone I talk to has heard of it.  Its up for Best PIcture and Best Actress.  Do you think being included in the 10 will really give it a chance to win?  I don't, but being nominated might help it be seen by a few more people.  "Up" is cute, well done, heartfelt etc.  But Best Movie - as in "Lawrence of Arabia" best movie?  As in "Gone With the Wind" best movie? Hmm, not sure about that.  "District NIne" is awesome.  Especially if you like sci-fi, gore and conspiracy theories.   I thought it was good.  But I doubt it wins either.

Actually the titles themselves are a little confusing this year.  We have "Up",  we have "Up in the Air".  We have "A Single Man" with Colin Firth as Best Actor and the Coen Bros "A Serious Man" for Best Picture.  Hopefully the voting procedure doesn't include chads - there could be some serious re-counts!   I'm hoping "Inglourious Basterds" doesn't win just because I find the spelling bothersome.  "Push, the novel based on etc.etc." and "The Hurt Locker" seem like Academy Award winners.  "The Blind Side" has quite a grassroots following.

So, this year, like every other year, we'll try to stay awake and watch the Oscars and we'll keep score of which awards we guessed correctly and in a couple of years we'll have a hard time remembering most of the movies that were such a big deal this year.  I'm pretty sure we won't be able to name ten.

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