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Learning the Curve

A military brat, Robyn found home sweet home here in Wauwatosa. Moving here in 1989, "just till the kids get settled," she found the Milwaukee area hard to leave and a great place to put down roots. Join her as she tries to handle and make sense of whatever curves life decides to throw.

Driving Matters

My youngest has his driver's license test scheduled.  Soon I will be out of a job.  No more driving Miss or Mister Daisy.  In other words - mark chauffeur off my list of tasks.  Come to that, mark driving instructor/masochist off my list too.   No longer will I sit beside a teenager saying calmly "You could start braking now"  when inside I am screaming "Are you insane?  Do you NOT see that the light is red?  You are a child and should not be behind the wheel EVER".

Luckily I think I have been able to mask the Mr. Hyde part of myself when we are out driving.  Every child so far seems to have thrived and survived and joined the ranks of gas guzzling commuters.

But a little thing like realizing I will no longer be hauling kids anywhere makes me realize how swiftly my time with them has really gone.  I think back to the first ride home in the car seat from the hospital.  The painstaking buckling up, the overwhelming feeling of responsibility - hard to remember what a big, wondrous feeling that was.   Tack on years of hunching over awkwardly halfway through the car door while a toddler kicks and screams and goes poker stiff as you try to put them in the car seat, buckle it, disengage a small fist from your hair and actually get somewhere on time.  The wonder of it all fades a little!

I will miss the giggling and songs that come with driving a bevy of little girls to a birthday party.  I'll miss being the invisible person in the front seat as middle schoolers gossip about who's dating who - my ears stretched to the limit to pick up what they are saying.  And biggest on my list - I will miss vacations, when every family member was piled in the minivan for ungodly periods of time and we still had fun and made some great memories.  Unfortunately as they grow older and get mobile the family vacations don't happen like that anymore.  But we did have them and that's what counts.

Driving matters in today's society, so I'll wish my youngest luck and when he's out driving solo I'll pretend that I'm fine with it.  And once in a while I'll drive down memory lane and pretend I'm a chauffeur again and all my little Daisies are in the back seat where I can keep them safe.

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